Best Baby Slings for Summer 2022

Best Baby Slings for Summer 2022

Looking for a baby sling to use this summer, but unsure where to start?

From baby carriers, wraps and ring slings, to linen and hemp blends, there are lots of options for you to choose from which can be a bit overwhelming.

But that's where we come in. Whether you are travelling this summer, live in a hot climate or want something to keep you and your little one cool in warm weather we’ve picked out the best baby slings for hot weather.

Top Tips For Using a Baby Sling in Hot Weather

Linen & Hemp Slings

Linen and hemp are natural, eco-friendly yarns made from hardy plants, which produce strong and sturdy fibres that are perfect for babywearing. They are light, breathable and airy yet supportive which makes them popular choices for hot weather. We love them, choosing to use these yarns often when weaving our fabrics.

Silk Slings

Silk is a yarn well-loved by babywearers around the world due to its versatility and strength. This luxurious yarn offers a rich lustre and unique texture, and is a firm favourite here at Oscha. Silk’s temperature-regulating qualities are another reason it is great for year-round carrying.

Ancients of Gondor™ Amaurëa, woven with a luxurious cashwool and wild peace silk weft, offers a truly unique summer blend. We love it for the super soft and wonderfully breathable qualities of cashwool paired with the subtle strength and mouldability qualities of Peace Silk. Additionally, it will take you through to the cooler months too.

Ring Slings

Ring slings are a great option if you are travelling this summer as they are quick and easy to use, and pack-up small (perfect for your carry on). Paired with a lightweight summer blend you are onto a win. Because they go over one shoulder and are a single layer of fabric they allow the air to circulate well. They are perfect for:

  • Single layer carries
  • Use between parents
  • Quick ups on the go

Ice Cotton

Ice Cotton is a unique fabric which is specially spun to be highly breathable and cool to the touch without the use of any nasty chemicals. It’s a customer favourite for those hot carrying days.

Part of our classic range, Willow Esprit, is one of our most popular summer wraps thanks to its colourful warp and Ice Cotton blend. This baby wrap will keep you cool and comfy in hot weather, perfect for those carrying in warmer climates.


Summer involves suncream, ice-cream and sand! This means your sling can get dirty quickly, but that’s where an easy-care blend comes in handy. Throw it in the wash, follow our washing instructions and dry, ready for another day.

An Oscha favourite is our Matrix Aura, easy-care as well as being a suitable blend for carrying all ages in hot weather. This fabric can be washed at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried on a warm setting.

Baby Wraps

Here at Oscha it's no surprise that we love baby wraps for hot weather carrying too. They are great for using in single layer passes and you can always consider a shorter length for the warm weather, allowing for less fabric to be wrapped around you both. Wraps versatility allow you to choose front, back or hip carriers - hip and back carries are particularly good if you are getting a tad warm as they generate less heat than front carries.

Consider The GSM

When choosing a summer sling take into consideration the weight of the fabric, (also known as GSM or grams per square metre) not just the blend. Anything under roughly 260gsm is going to be a lightweight breathable option for summer - including wools, which have natural temperature regulating properties.

If you're looking for a lightweight, thin in hand fabric Lotus Festival is for you. Plus these colours are perfect for the summer months.