Eco-Friendly Gifts: Find The Perfect Present For Dad

Eco-Friendly Gifts: Find The Perfect Present For Dad

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For something a little different this year, why not introduce your partner, or the special guy in your life, to Oscha. We know there are many Oscha Dad's out there already! So we've pulled together some top picks, if you're looking to inspire someone into our world. We couldn't think of a better gifting opportunity than hands-free snuggles with baby!

Our previous blog post about 5 reasons baby carrying is great for dads, shows fantastic feedback we've gotten from all kinds of dads/lads/fellas. Take a look at this nifty guide of Oscha goodies we think he'd love! Of course if baby wearing isn't an option just yet, we have plenty homeware and accessories to take his fancy!

Ancients of Gondor_Ithildin Baby Wrap

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If he is a Lord of Rings fan, why not gift him one of our beautifully designed baby wraps from our Middle Earth Collection? Woven with 100% organic cotton, Ancients of Gondor Ithildin is wonderfully easy care, whilst being soft and comfortable for newborns through to toddlerhood.

Using baby wraps make skin-to-skin contact easy for new dads, giving them that all-important bonding time with their little one.

Take a look at our other baby wraps.

Starry Night Midnight Ring Sling

The point of the ring sling is to enhance bonding and share love between parent and child, at Oscha we want everyone to reap these wonderful benefits, and make no exception for dads! Give him this priceless gift and a whole new experience in parenting.

Quick to put on and off, this classic ring sling is great for beginners and soft on mouldable to fit your little one as they grow.

Take a look at our other ring slings.

Sekai Aliona Bairn Carrier

This is the perfect choice for easiness, comfort and lightweight durability. The Bairn is a no-fuss carrier that he will get to grips with super quickly if he's not into learning to wrap. This full buckle carrier has a slider cinch waist to fit babies size & shoulder padding so he can feel comfortable and secure. The bairn really was designed for an easy, laid back carrying experience. It's easily adjustable too which will be great if you'd both like to share it!

Let him roam wild and free and take your little one on many adventures.

Shop our full range of Bairns here.

Remember if there's not a design you like, you can make a Bairn out of our new release Made To Orders fabrics.

Starry Night Ocean Keyring

These handy keyrings are an excellent way to introduce a bit of Oscha to your man. These keyrings feature a beautiful piece of Oscha jacquard fabric, are easy to find and can loop around your wrist - making them functional and fashionable!

Shop our full range of Keyrings.

Okinami Indigo Mug

Who doesn't appreciate a good quality mug for their morning coffee? Maybe he fancies himself as a bit of a Bear Grylls, or maybe he prefers to kick back and admire nature. Either way, let him drift away with his thoughts and catch some zen time whilst drinking from the Okinami mug. Taking time out of his schedule, to be present and sip some magic coffee might be just what he needs. All our mugs are crafted in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of British pottery.

Shop our full range of pottery here, in our Homeware section.

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