How To Make Christmas Joyous In 2020

How To Make Christmas Joyous In 2020

Fun COVID-Safe Activities For Kids This Holiday Season

Without all of the usual festive attractions open this year, we might have to be a little more creative with our Christmas activities to keep the kids entertained and feeling the festive spirit. Less busy crowds and more time at home definitely doesn't mean we need to cut back on the fun! We have put our heads together here at Oscha to bring you our tried and tested list of fun activities you can do with your family which are bound to add some festive cheer to your home.

Make a Home Theatre Production

Get inspired by Little Women and create your very own home theatre. Challenge your children to think up a play and perform it to their loving fans (stuffed animals make for a great audience). Although they might not be able to physically perform to granny and granda, the power of technology means you could share a live performance directly through video chat, Zoom, or you could even record it and send them the premiere! Why don't you lend the kids some clothes and accessories (and maybe an Oscha) to help with their costumes and let them have fun creating a show!

Create Homemade Christmas Cards

There is nothing more special than a homemade card from family, especially if you haven't seen one another all year. No matter the age of your little one, this activity is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Have fun with colourful pens, glitter glue snow, paint and sparkles. Maybe you could cut out some shapes for them to stick on or even make 'vegetable stamps' to try something different. The only limit is your imagination and we are almost certain your little ones will have plenty!


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Have a Video Call With Santa

We have heard that Santa is exempt from the travel ban to deliver presents this year, but unfortunately, this is limited to Christmas eve only. However this is 2020, so of course, he is just on the other side of the phone! Nominate a relative or friend to dress up as Santa and have a video call with the kids of the family. Let them have fun sharing all their Christmas wishes and find out directly if they are on the naughty or nice list this year!

Craft Some Christmas Decorations

Have fun creating salt dough decorations with your kids to commemorate the year. It's been a difficult one that will shape our lives forever, so creating memories that we can reflect on in years to come will help us look back, year on year and be thankful for the future. You can make decorations for the tree or as gifts for the family. You might even like to use some Oscha fabric to help with your design (who says it has to be only for the kids!) Stars, snowpeople or Santa faces - whatever you choose to make, it will surely be treasured dearly.

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Go For a Neighbourhood Christmas Lights Walk

This year we have loved seeing our streets around Scotland light up with beautiful holiday decorations. Take the opportunity to go for a family walk and find the streets full of winter wonder and festive joy and use a sling to keep little ones cosy. Why not even make it a competition to rank your favourites!? If you need to go a little further from home, what about a Christmas drive around the neighbourhood? You can play your favourite Christmas songs for a sing-a-long at the same time.

Clan member, Natalia, at Christmas

Christmas Disco

Put the lights down low, turn the music up high - it's time for a Christmas disco! Flashing fairy lights are a plus. Just because we can't gather in large groups, doesn't mean Christmas parties are cancelled - even if it is just for you and the kids! In your sparkly dress or your pyjamas, it doesn't matter, the dress code is flexible. Get your favourite Christmas tunes on and let the kids dance to their heart's content. You could even get their favourite party food to re-energize them after all that dancing. Sounds fun, right?

We hope you enjoy trying out some of our festive ideas for your family. We'd love to hear how you got on and if you have any ideas of your own. You can share with our wonderful community of Oscha lovers on our Facebook page here.


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