Est. 2010

Ethically Handcrafted

Responsible production is at the heart of Oscha, we love our planet and want to keep it beautiful for generations to come. This is why we only use responsibly sourced and organic yarns, and why our beautiful baby carriers are woven in the UK and handcrafted in Scotland.

Our baby carriers are made with zero waste, and each sale contributes to our growing grove in the Caledonian forest where we are working with Trees for Life to rewild the Scottish Highlands.

Made in Scotland

Our production happens entirely in the British Isles, and everything is cut and stiched in our wee Scottish workshop.

We love that our production happens wholly in the UK, we are proud to be providing good working conditions for local people, and to be making meaningful contributions to the local economy. By creating jobs for skilled local machinists we are able to support the re-growth of Scotland’s once-flourishing textile industry.

We are a 'Real Living Wage' Employer.

Powered by Sunshine & Carbon Neutral

Our workshop runs on 100% solar power ensuring we have a fairly small carbon footprint. We also offset our carbon emissions through our partnership with Trees for Life.