Getting started with baby slings may feel daunting, which is why our trained consultants have created a series of online courses to help you choose, and get the most out of, your Oscha sling!

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  • Scroll down to find the following free courses:
  • How to Choose a Woven Wrap
  • Learn How to Use a Woven Wrap
  • Learn How To Use and Choose a Ring Sling
  • 7 Day Wrapping Challenge
  • Fancy Finish Challenge

How to Choose a Woven Wrap Course

With our four day course, you'll learn everything you need to know to choose the perfect woven wrap for your family.

Join our course to learn more about woven wraps and our specially designed fabrics. We'll unpick the confusing world of blends, gsm and wrap sizes to give you the skills to choose the perfect woven wrap for your family. 

Learn How To Wrap Course

With our quick two day course, you'll learn how to carry your baby in a woven wrap.

Sign up for our course to learn how to tie your first woven wrap. We cover everything from preparing your sling, your baby and yourself before you get started. Then we will teach you the perfect carry to start with, no matter what size of wrap you have, and will cover safety elements, comfort tips and troubleshooting too!

Learn How To Use and Choose a Ring Sling

With our quick email course, you'll learn everything you need to know about Oscha Ring Slings.

Eager to try out one of our Ring Slings but unsure where to start? Our trained consultants have created a quick email course including lots of video content to help you choose, and get the most out of your Oscha Ring Sling!

We'll cover shoulder types; 'Highland pleat' or 'Gathered' and whether you need a 'left' or 'right' shoulder.

Once we've helped you choose a shoulder style, we will explain the differences between fabric choice, including best yarns for babies, toddlers and warmer or cooler climates.

We will then show you how to use your Oscha Ring Sling and pass on our exclusive top tips so that you can get the perfect carry every time!

7 Day Wrapping Challenge

We'll be bringing you a new wrap challenge each day with the help of babywearing experts.
It's wonderful to try out new carries as each one you learn helps build your wrapping skills.  As your baby changes stages, different carries can also help you feel comfortable in carrying for longer. Different carries can also be great for different needs - for instance, something quick for going from car to shop, or something that may take a bit longer to wrap, but will last you through a long hike in comfort.
You will also find some of the more beautiful techniques you may have seen in baby wrapping pictures.

Fancy Finish Challenge

In this course we will be exploring some creative carries with beautiful finishes and having some fun with wrapping.

Although the focus will be on back carries and there will be some advanced carries, we will also include a front carry option so anyone can follow along. As long as you are comfortable with Front Wrap Cross Carry you can join!

We will slowly build up to the more advanced carries so you can develop your skills throughout the Challenge.


We are continuously working on developing new exciting courses so keep an eye on this page!

Whether you are looking to learn more about choosing a style of baby carrier or are looking for more information on how to use your baby sling, then we will have a course for you soon!

If you have a course you'd like to see us put together please let us know.

In the meantime, if you're looking for more information on choosing a sling, you can visit our Getting Started page. If you are looking for guidance on how to wrap safely, visit this page.  and even more tutorials are available on our Youtube Channel.

Still need a hand?

Our trained Babywearing Consultants are on hand to give personal guidance on choosing and using your Oscha sling. Simply email us or send us a message using the messenger button in the corner of your screen.