What is a Full Custom Preorder?

Full custom preorders, often known just as preorders, are organised through customer groups on Facebook. A group of Oscha fans come together around a common theme in order to design a 'warp' (a background colour) and agree on patterns, 'wefts' (colours which pick out the pattern), and the composition of bespoke fabrics.

Once a group has 700 members the group admins can apply for a preorder slot. We accept one preorder for slings every 2 months.

Find active pre-order groups here.

A group that has been assigned a slot is then able to run votes in their group to decide on the details of their final fabrics. These fabrics are then approved by our experienced designers and are opened for orders on the site.

How do I purchase a Preorder item?

Once voting is concluded in the group, and the fabrics have been approved, we will list these items for 'preorder' on our site. This means anyone from the group or anyone who simply loves their designs can purchase a bespoke item.

You can find our open preorders here.

Customers are able to order any Oscha product in a preorder, from baby wraps to carriers, ring slings, bags and scarves Some items are exclusive to preorder and Made to Order, you can scroll down to see a table of the available items.

If you purchase one of these custom made items - congratulations, you are now part of a preorder! This means you will receive regular updates on your fabric, we will let you know when it is beamed up on to the loom, when it arrives at our Scottish workshop and will send you a final update as our skilled machinists begin production on your carrier or accessory.

Preorders are made from bespoke fabrics, this means it takes 4-6 months for orders placed in this way to be shipped from Oscha HQ.

If you are interested in learning more about Preorders we suggest joining Clan Oscha. We always advertise open pre-orders in the Clan so it is a great place to see what our talented customers have been working on!

What is a Semi-custom Preorder?

These are organised in a similar way to the regular preorder, except that for a semi-custom a group is offered a section of a warp we are already weaving, rather than design their own from scratch. We will contact groups whose warp ideas are similar to something we are planning on weaving and agree things with the group admins.

When we are close to being ready to weave we will contact the group to begin voting. Voting is simpler for a semi-custom as there are less options - just the weft yarns (from an in-stock selection) and 3 patterns. Semi-customs therefore have a much quicker turnaround time and will be delivered in just 6-8 weeks.

Open semi-customs groups can also be found here.

What about warp minimums?

If you are part of a preorder group you may have seen people talking about 'warp minimums'. These are minimum lengths of fabric which have to be ordered for our weavers to start working on our fabrics. Beaming up a warp is a big job, especially when several colours are involved, so for a multicolour warp 800m is needed, and for a single colour it is 600m.

For a semi-custom preorder warp minimums are not an issue as the group's designs are added to our own warp. However, standard preorders will have to meet these minimums in order to go ahead.

We run an 'Intent to Purchase Survey' prior to opening for orders to check that there is enough interest and do everything we can to support groups so that minimum lengths can be met and the preorders can go ahead.


Is this different to a Made to Order listing?

Yes, Made to Orders are available in fabric Oscha has designed. These open when fabrics are already woven and ready to be cut. You can find out more about Made to Order listings here.

Can I purchase more than one item in a preorder?

Yes, as long as the items are from the same preorder group.
Simply add everything you would like to your basket and they will all be shipped together when they have been made.
In some cases we are able to allow purchases from different preorders at the same time, in these cases, it will be clearly stated in the listing.

When do I pay for my Preorder items?

Payment for preorders is taken at the point of purchase, as with a standard order.

Can I purchase other items from the site at the same time?

Yes, we will hold the other item(s) until your preorder is ready to ship.

Can I make special requests for my item? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate special requests on these orders.

Can I return my preorder purchase?

No, custom items made from bespoke fabrics are not able to be returned.

Any other questions? They might be answered by our T&Cs.
Otherwise, please feel free to email us on info@oschaslings.com or send us a message using the messenger button in the corner of this page.

All the following items are available for purchase in pre-orders.

Baby Wrap
Ring Sling
Cairis Carrier
Wrap Scarf*
Infinity loops & Cowls (full width & Precis) made with wrap fabric*
Wrap throw*
0.5m fabric pieces
1m fabric pieces

*These are exclusive to Made to Order and Preorder listings.