Top 5 Best Baby Wrap Carriers for 2024

Top 5 Best Baby Wrap Carriers for 2024

If you’re new to using a baby wrap, or an experience wrapper looking for something new, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Here in this blog post we will give you a few recommendations and pointers to help you choose the right wrap for your family. From the best baby carrier for hot weather to choosing a baby wrap for newborns and toddlers.
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Get help choosing the best baby wrap carriers in 2023 with our top 5 picks, chosen by experts Recommended by parents, these woven baby wraps are the chosen for their comfort, beauty and suitability for different ages and climates.

Remember our top tip is to always pick something you love the look of, you’re more likely to wear it and learn if you feel like you’re wearing something beautiful.

Why Choose a Baby Wrap over other Types of Baby Carriers?

Woven baby wraps are the most versatile, beautiful and comfortable type of baby carriers out there. One wrap can be tied in multiple different ways, used for front, hip and back carries, for newborn babies, toddler and preschoolers and can be used by both parents without any set up changes. There are also no buckles or stiff parts to dig in to you or your baby. Some people think that a buckle carrier is safer, but a double knot is actually more secure than a plastic buckle, ask any rock climber! 

Please not we are discussing supportive jacquard woven baby wraps in this post, rather than stretchy wraps, which are more suited to the 0-6 month stage.

So now you remember why you chose to get one, let's look at your best choice for a woven baby wrap!

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Best Baby Wrap for Hot Weather

Hot weather and baby wearing, as you can guess, is hot work! But choosing the right option can help make it a bit cooler. We recommend looking for light gsm blends under 260, and for blends that included linen, hemp or Ice Cotton in particular. 

You might also want to consider the type of carry you use to allow air though easily.

Our top pick is Willow Esprit, it’s colourful and summery in looks, while delivering on the blend with the lovely cool to touch Ice Cotton.


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Best Baby Wrap Carrier for Cold Weather

Keeping you and little one warm in the cold weather is the goal here. Thicker blend, roughly over 260gsm, with yarns such as wool and cotton are a great option. Layers are key in winter as well and we recommend focusing on how you and your little one dress first - you don’t need a really thick wooly wrap to stay warm.

With lovely autumnal tones our top pick is Braid Cerridwen. The wool in this blend will be cosy and cushy for your winter walks but it feels surprisingly light in hand, making it easy to wrap with for all abilities.


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Best Baby Carrier Wrap for Newborns

We love babywearing newborns, they’re precious and delicate and a baby wrap is a great way to help meet their needs. You can read more about the benefits of carrying in the fourth trimester here

When wearing a newborn you want something that is gentle on their delicate skin and isn’t too bulky. The baby wrap should be mouldable to ensure the fabric wraps around and supports your baby.

One of our top picks would be what we call one of our Classics - Starry Night Ocean. This design is timeless and loved by many, while the blend offers lovely support and mouldability, yet is soft on delicate skin. 


Best Baby Wrap for Toddlers

The developmental benefits of babywearing continue through toddlerhood and a sling also comes in handy for those tired legs as they explore. As they enter toddlerhood your needs from your sling are likely to change to ensure your comfort when carrying for longer periods of time.

Certain yarns offer qualities that can help when carrying heavier children, such a silk and hemp which have a wonderful strength. Kasumi Sphene is a great toddler option, woven with peace silk & shantung Tussah silk.

Tussah silk is thicker and stronger than our wild silk yarn making this a favourite among those carrying toddlers. While the peace silk offers a light weight strength keeping this wrap closer to a lightweight blend which is great for new wrappers and all seasons.

Best Baby Wrap For all Occasions

Sometimes you need to carry both you kids with the same wrap, sometimes you’re going out a hike and need an easy care wrap. And for a lot of you, you just want one wrap that will cover all bases and can be used everyday. These are what we call your great all-rounders! 

Puffins Hoy ticks all these boxes, the finer yarns and denser weave structure that our hybrid weave technique uses creates a supportive and unique fabric. This offers a nice amount of grip and support, meaning you can use it with babies right through to toddlers. Woven with all cotton it is also easy care and can be washed in your machine as needed.


Best Baby Wrap For The Lord of the Rings™ Fans

Ok we have one more bonus recommendation because we couldn't not share a Middle-earth favourite. This is a customer favourite because of it's wrapping qualities and of course the iconic design. 

Shire Westfarthing showcases the iconic circular doorway, smoke rising from a warm hearth and well-tended gardens teeming with life and activity: all of which tells the whimsical tale of the Hobbit home. Plus, it's named after one of the four Farthings of the Shire and the centre of Hobbit authority

This easy-care fabric is a great all-rounder, and the texture of this fabric gives it a good balance of grip and glide making it easy to tie.


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Why Choose an Oscha Baby Wrap?

Oscha have specialized in woven baby wrap carriers since 2010. A family run business, Oscha wraps are made by parents for parents. All woven in the UK and hand-crafted in Scotland from natural and organic yarns. Oscha's are truly special baby carriers with a focus on your comfort and timeless design.

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