Secret Stash Happy Hour (SSHH) is an event that we run every time we have a new release or on special occasions/holidays. It usually takes place on Wednesday’s from 7 - 8pm (BST)*. This is exclusive to our Clan Oscha Facebook group members, so make sure to join the clan now!

What does the event offer?

  • Exciting giveaways and competitions
  • Treasure Totes (which are a surprise Oscha goody bag)
  • Very limited, sought-after scrap packs released
  • Draw to Purchase on items from the Oscha Archive
  • Exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming releases
  • Get any questions answered and chat with the Oscha Team & other Clan members

Some of the items released, such as Treasure Totes and scrap packs, are exclusive to our Secret Stash events and are never available on our website at any other time. This is your chance to get a hold of these super rare items!

*The date and time can change on the odd occasion, we will always make it clear in advance if there is a change though our Newsletter and in Clan Oscha.

How can I join in?

This is an exclusive event for members of the Clan Oscha Facebook group, make sure you are part of the group to be involved. You can participate in the event or just follow along to see what is being discussed.

Members of Clan Oscha

On Tuesday’s at 4pm we post the event, pinning it to the top of the feed. This allows you to enter the Draw to Purchases (DTP) and any competitions. 

Secret Stash Happy Hour Event
Look out for a post that looks like this

Then on Wednesday at 7pm you can join us for the live SSHH. The Oscha team will welcome you to the event in the comments and will give you a quick rundown on what will be happening that night. For the next hour we will be there running giveaways, chatting to you all and answering any of your questions, sharing those sneak peeks, and letting you know when Treasure Totes and new releases are live on the site. It's a great opportunity to speak to the other members and get to know the community.

Timeline (BST):

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, here is a breakdown of the timings.


4pm: Our Draw to Purchase open, you will find the SSHH post pinned to the top of the feed. This post is where our event is held, here’s an example of a previous one.


7pm: We open the thread on the SSHH post. All Draw to Purchase and giveaway winners are announced.

7 - 7:30pm: We announce the Treasure Totes and scrap packs being published on the site. As well as open our £10 gift voucher giveaway and share how to enter.

7:30pm: Our new releases are published on the site and available to shop.

7 - 8pm: Throughout we will answer questions and share some sneak peeks of upcoming releases.

What is a Treasure Tote?

Oscha Treasure Tote

Our much anticipated Treasure Totes are an amazing opportunity to receive a surprise Oscha goody bag, which is offered at a heavily discounted price. We offer two different types;

Treasure Tote: this includes either a baby carrier, ring sling or baby wrap, plus other goodies.

Accessories Tote: a tote that includes a variety of Oscha accessories.

You never quite know what you are going to get, which is part of the fun! During each event we add a surprise listing to the website and also offer ‘Draw to Purchase’ so everyone gets a chance. A brief description is given so you get an understanding of the colour pallet and sizes.

What is Draw to Purchase

During each event we select some exclusive items from our Archive of previous releases which are now out of stock on the website to offer our customers. As these are limited they are offered as ‘Draw to Purchase’ to ensure everyone has a chance to enter. They are opened at 4pm on Tuesday and you can enter the draw for the invoice by commenting on the corresponding photo within our SSHH post, the draw closes just before our event begins and ‘winners’ will be announced at 7pm on Wednesday in the comments. You will then be asked to contact us via email to receive the invoice for payment of the item.

All prices are included in the picture description.

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