This hand-drawn design is inspired by storybook covers as well as ancient maps, it tells the tale of The Lonely Mountain, or Erebor, the Dwarven kingdom which was home to the exiled members of King Durin's folk, led by the King Under the Mountain, Thrór, until the attack and occupation by the dragon Smaug. This towering mountain is the quest's end for Thorin Oakenshield and company, along with Bilbo Baggins, in their efforts to reclaim the kingdom for their people in The Hobbit. 

The runes read:

"Five feet high the door and three may walk abreast Th. Th."

Echoing the description of the Black Door on Thorin's map. Th. Th. refers to Thrór and Thrain, Thorin's father and grandfather, who drew the map which leads the company to Smaug's lair. Nearby Smaug circles the mountain containing his hoard, while the banners proclaim the name of the mountain in flowing script.