10 Reasons to Carry Your Baby in a Sling

10 Reasons to Carry Your Baby in a Sling

Carrying your baby in a sling has many wonderful benefits for your family.

Here's out Top Ten...

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1: Enjoy Special Moments Together

When you and your child are wrapped in a woven sling there is a wonderful closeness, allowing you both to share special moments together.

2: Reduces Colic & Reflux Symptoms

The upright position in the sling can help colicky babies and those with reflux.

The time spent sitting upright in a sling also has the same effect on a baby's muscles as 'tummy time'. This helps them to develop their core strength which is essential for their physical development, from holding their heads up to crawling and walking.

3: Get Out & Explore Together

Woven slings will make your adventures all the more comfortable, enabling you to carry for longer and explore more. Whether it's getting on the bus or hiking cross country, slings allow you to navigate your day with ease.

Slings also allow you to be hands free to keep other kids safe and happy.

4: Promotes Healthy Hip Development

When you're carrying your child in the 'M' shape, where their knees are higher than their bottom, you are supporting their natural position. As acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, this position can enhance and promote healthy hip development.

5: Guards Against Flat Head Syndrome

As babies spend much time lying on their backs these days there is an increasing incidence of 'flat-head syndrome' - time spent in the sling can help guard against this.

6: A Comfortable Carrier for All Carers

Wraps and ring slings are infinitely adjustable, your carry is able to be tweaked all along the length and width of the fabric for the ultimate tailored carry. You can use a wrap or ring sling for any age group and all carers can share the same wrap.

Visit our Youtube channel for demonstrations from us and Oscha fans.

7: Keeps Little Ones Feeling Safe and Protected

The world can be overwhelming for little ones, carrying them close to you allows them to explore and experience the world at their own pace; being able to retreat to the safety of a cuddle at any time.

8: Provides Support for Breastfeeding Mothers

Slings promote continued & more frequent feeding and can also help practically with nursing: from promoting confidence in mothers to acting as a feeding aid & helping with nursing on the go.

Need help getting started? Read our How To guide here.

9: A Compact & Lightweight Carrying Option

Unlike a structured carrier, wraps & ring slings fold up neatly and compactly for easy transportation when not in use.

For ultimate versatility choose a smaller size (2-3) or a shawl - see how versatile an Oscha Shawl can be in this gorgeous video.

10: Perfect for Travelling

Slings are a great option for travelling families, making it easy to navigate busy airports & unfamiliar streets while making sure you see all the sights along with your little ones.

With buggies a pain to take on trains and planes, and sometimes not allowed at all at some attractions, a sling can be great for families who want to travel with their kids.
Work out which carrier is best for your trip here.


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