Cairis Review - Lauren and Simon

Cairis Review - Lauren and Simon

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We sent one of our Cairis carriers to afamily who werejust beginning to explorebabywearingwith their first child. We asked Lauren how she got on trying it out with her son. They received one of thefirst completed carriers 7 months ago just as he was born.

What were your first impressions of the Oscha Cairis?
"The fabric- quality and design- were absolutely beautiful, and the sling as whole, extremely attractive; it had a real 'wow' factor (subsequently reflected in the number of comments I received when I wore it out and about). The accompanying instructions were very clear"

How easy did you find using it and putting it on at the beginning? Were you used to using any other baby slings or woven wraps?
"I had never used a sling or woven wrap before and found the Cairis very easy to use. We followed the instructions step-by-step and had the carrier in use within five minutes."

You can see how easy it is to use the Cairis with a new born by viewing our instructional video.

Do you find it comfortable to wear for long periods?
It is very comfortable to wear. When my baby was very young I commonly wore it for up to 6 hours. I am quite petite and it adapted very well to my size. Likewise, my son was a particularly small baby, and I loved how the sling could be adapted for him."

When do you tend to wear your baby in the Cairis?
"Around the house, out shopping, running errands (particularly when using public transport). When Owen was younger (and the weather was nicer) I used it out on long country walks."

Is it easy to transport when you are out and about and your child is being carried?
Yes- I use the bag that came with it. It folds down well so it very convenient to transport."

How happy do you think your child is in the sling? Is it a good height for them to see out?
"He's always been very happy in the sling. I regularly use it to comfort him when he's distressed and almost instantly calms. It is a good height for him to see out."

Do you prefer to use it on your back, front or both?
"I've only recently started using it on the back, and I now prefer it as it's easier to go about tasks, and now he's heavier, it is more comfortable for longer periods."

How easy do you find adjusting the size when sharing it with your partner?
"With a little bit of practise, very easy."

Over all, how happy are you with the appearance and functionality of the carrier?
"Very happy. Given I had never used a sling before, I wanted something easy to use, and the Cairis was certainly that; I felt confident using it almost immediately. A real advantage for us was being able to adapt the sling, using the cinch, for when our son was first born; he was of a relatively low birth weight so he would have been too small for mainstream carriers. It was lovely wearing something so attractive, and I constantly received compliments on the carrier when using it."

Will you continue to use the Cairis?

Do you have any other comments?
"Receiving the sling instantly changed the way I went about the day. My son loved being in the carrier, and I would wear it for large chunks of the day; I knew he was happy, and I could talk to him as I went about activities. Because it is so convenient to use, it made it so much easier for my husband and I to go out- using, for example, public transport or out on long walks in the countryside. He would either sleep or watch what was going on around him."

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