Classics Collection from Oscha Slings

Classics Collection from Oscha Slings

Learn what the Oscha Classics Collection is all about.
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The Classics Collection is a selection of Oscha favourite, original patterns woven in ideal colourways, all of which may be created time and again. This Collection combines some of our older 'in-stock' items and features fitting, gorgeous additions to the range.

Most of the fabrics we weave are designed to be one-offs, available for a limited time, never to be woven again. However, we know that this doesn't suit everyone which is why we like to have a broad range of our fabrics available to shop year-round: the Classics Collection.

This bespoke selection combines our unique patterns with apt colourways, for a Collection which means the best of Oscha will be available for you to visit time and time again.

We have designed this collection to cater for a broad range of tastes & styles whilst keeping the colourways most suited to pattern, and our aim is to keep a good range of beginner-friendly blends throughout the Classics Collection. We will sometimes change the blend of a fabric when we reweave it, though for the most part we aim to keep them the same.

The nature of our weave process means that some of these fabrics may go out of stock for short periods of time, however, if they are found in the Classics Collection then we are planning to weave them again very soon.

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The Classics Collection

If you have a question about one of our Classic Collection slings or are wondering when one might be back in stock, please email or join Clan Oscha for more help from our community.