First Look: 100% Superwash Wool MacQueen of Skye Tartan

First Look: 100% Superwash Wool MacQueen of Skye Tartan

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We asked Diana Warner, one of our beautiful models, to let us know her thoughts about our new MacQueen of Skye Tartan. Woven using a brand new 100% Superwash wool weave we were keen to see what she thought about this new innovation in all wool baby wraps.

I'm not sure where to begin. First I guess I need to say that I am head over heels IN LOVE with this wrap ...

It was instant. When this package arrived I was very excited to see the new colour way of Tartan in person. Before it was sent to me I was told the blend would be 100% wool so I was a little nervous that I would not have time to break it in properly. This wrap needs absolutely ZERO breaking in. I'm not joking. I received MacQueen of Skye and Menzies tartan (100% organic combed cotton) on the same day and MacQueen was SOFTER straight out of the bag. Don't get me wrong Menzies softens nicely but this was a surprising find.

"The break in period for MacQueen is about 6 seconds."

The colours are as such: the perfect cool red, deep midnight black, fresh crisp white. All of the colours contrast and compliment each other in such a way that this wrap is visually stunning, and welcoming.

After a bath this woolie was the most drape-y, smooth, cool to the touch wool I've ever experienced. No felting. No prickle. Imagine a freshly made bed with new, clean sheets. You pull back the covers and slip in to be enveloped by softess that carries you away to slumber. That is what this wrap is like. It is thin, but it is deceptively supportive for its thinness.

It held my wiggly toddler with ease and felt fantastic on my shoulders. There was no dig and no bulk as I wrapped and tied off. Tightening around myself was a breeze due to MacQueen's glide. It is not slippery or soapy but it glides over itself and creates lovely curves. There is weft stretch (from rail to rail) and diagonal stretch. This means recoil, recoil, recoil! I noticed only minimal sag with my 28 pounder in a FWCC and I think that was more my error than the wrap: a bad tie off at first. In a Double Hammock, Freshwater finish, tied in front with asymmetrical tails it didn't budge. As I wrapped my tails in the DH I took my time to notice how easily it formed around the curves of Lena and myself. Strand by strand it fell into place. Minimal tugging created effortless support. The smooth fabric made it easy but I was surprised it didn't undo itself more than it did. It's not sticky as some wool is. Its glide seemed to work with me and then stay put. The knot it creates is small which means its not hard to manage and easy to undo when little wants down or for a diaper change.

MacQueen of Skye wraps like a caring grandmother who is gentle, familiar and kind, but looks like a wrap that makes you feel strong: as if you can accomplish anything.

"We have wrapped with this in both cool and warm weather now as our season change can't seem to commit. It breathes fantastically and keeps you warm at that same time."

Here is a general breakdown of my experience with MacQueen of Skye's 100% Superwash content: you get thinness, support, comfort on your shoulders but no bulkiness - so correcting wrapping errors means you don't have to dig through a large amount of fabric. NO prickle at all, a wrap that drapes like a linen skirt blowing in the breeze, glide for passes, no stick so those passes aren't locked in if you need to adjust, recoil, softness like no other wool I've felt, moldability, a cool to the touch feel in hand, all the warmth of wool with breathability added in. This is a no-fuss wool wrap. Machine washable for easier care.

This wrap would be well suited for wrappers of all experience and various sizes. Children from infancy to toddlerhood would be well suited to be wrapped in MacQueen.

"If you're new to wool I suggest you start here. You will be spoiled by its luxuriousness but who doesn't like to feel spoiled??"