Introducing the Elemental Collection

Introducing the Elemental Collection

The Elemental Collection mixes the A/W 16 trend "Elemental" with S/S17's "Edgeland" to create a warm, comforting Collection which embraces the last days of winter while pushing forward towards Springtime positivity.

We have taken inspiration from our surroundings for the colour palate of the Elemental Collection. Stunning Scottish skies - from countryside to city - burn from warm purple, through teals and pinks every morning and evening creating a striking fade that we have aimed to evoke in our choice of colours this season.

We have harnessed the warmth of pastel tones to evoke a cosy, delicate feel. This Collection aims to create an inner sanctuary - a cocoon against the windswept wilds of the late winter months, whilst reminding the wearer of spring and the optimism of new beginnings.

Comforting, Fresh, Scottish

Our designers have created some stunning new designs for this Collection which bring to mind delicate, yet unsheltered Scottish landscape, from hills to lochs, Highlands to Islands. Taking inspiration from traditional Scottish textile techniques, which have been used for generations to decorate the barrier between the wearer and the elements - we have called upon the feeling of a warm, hand-knitted jumper for these new Hyggelig designs. Details of these exciting new patterns will follow shortly, here we will focus on the first releases from this Elemental Collection.

Amethyst Haze

Having created an organic combed cotton warp in our key colour for this season, Amethyst, we were able to play with a three colour weft facing technique to create some truly stunning colourways. Hope, Belle and Crystalline, our three new colourways, feature some amazingly vibrant accent colours which perfectly complement our Amethyst base to create a comforting, yet delicate, series of innovative woven wraps.

Bloom Crystalline

Using some of the same techniques seen on our hugely popular Wish You Were Here ... Sweetheart! wrap, which utilise very fine warp and weft yarns, we are able to create clear and distinct colours which pop out to create a stunning look unlike any of our other wovens. The result is a very cushioned baby sling which offers excellent support.

Woven on an organic combed cotton warp we have different weft yarns, chosen specifically to create three distinctly different blends. Our Hope colourway will feature cotton wefts for a soft and supportive blend, perfect for all ages and wrapping abilities.

Kiku Hope

Crystalline, shimmers with a hemp weft, perfect for picking out the stunning azure tones. This blend will be wonderfully strong, sturdy hemp is balanced with soft combed cotton for a blend that will soften wonderfully with time and wear to become buttery soft.

Sekai Crystalline

Our Boutique blend is found on our Belle colourway, the Giza cotton and cashmere weft gives this blend a luxuriously cushy feel. Giza cotton is a long staple yarn making it beautifully shiny and extra soft. Combined with decadent cashmere, this blend will be soft and floppy straight out of the bag.

Tuile Belle

Coming Soon to the Elemental Collection

The Elemental Collection will feature three exclusive warps: Amethyst is the first to be released this February, followed by two gorgeous fades inspired by the Scottish elements. You will see a warm fade, evocative of dusk in the winter months, and a Boutique Sea Island Cotton fade, the colours of which remind us of a Spring sunrise over the Scottish countryside, completing our ode to Scottish skies.