Learn About the Oscha Coorie Baby Carrier

Learn About the Oscha Coorie Baby Carrier

Learn about the Oscha Coorie Baby & Toddler Carrier - a unique ring waist, tie strap style baby carrier - from how it was developed, the best size for you and how to use it.
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The Oscha Coorie (meaning to nestle or snuggle in Scots) is crafted with intricate pleat work on the straps and waist belt from Oscha's specially woven jacquard sling fabric to create a truly luxurious ring waist, tie strap baby sling. 

It has been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a 'hip healthy product' as it holds your baby in a comfortable, ergonomic position, that is best for hip development. Each one is handcrafted, taking many hours, in our Scottish workshop.

Coorie Baby Carrier Key Features

  • Ring Waist - pleated for adjustability
  • Pleated, mouldable tie shoulder straps
  • Shoulder straps flare out for extra support & comfort
  • Contoured body panel
  • Leg padding for your child's comfort
  • Front, back and hip carries
  • Ergonomic positioning
  • Hood for support whilst sleeping or cover from weather
  • Hand made in Scotland, UK from jacquard woven sling fabric
The Coorie is currently available through preorders and Made to Order. Have a Coorie made just for you!

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The Coorie Baby Carrier Ring Waist

When developing the waistband of the Coorie, we wanted to form a waistband without any padding, using only the width of the fabric so that it would mould like a wrap and have elegant swishy tails.

We re-purposed our Highland Pleat ring sling shoulder style to gather in the waist at the back but still allow for adjustability and moulding to the wearer's waist. The pleats then flare out to form a broad band that is threaded through the rings.

Coorie waist band

This means that the waist is encircled by a wide, mouldable, naturally padded band of fabric, ensuring that the child's weight is distributed broadly and any digging or discomfort from narrow waistband areas are prevented.

The sling ring closing system means that the waist is also highly adjustable, not just along the length, but also across the width. We did concede to one small area of padding! A quilted area just under the rings, to make sure there was no pressure.

The most comfortable waistband on any carrier I've tried. Perfect for a pregnant belly too! 

- Annabelle

Highland Pleat Shoulder Straps

The Oscha Highland Pleat Shoulder Straps mirror the elegant pleatwork of the waistband, and we have added a small amount of padding to offer extra cushioning for carrying heavier children. The straps then flare out so they can be spread to give enhanced support where it is needed most.

Coorie straps flare

Other Coorie Carrier Features

The carrier body is shaped to provide an excellent seat for your child, with contouring and set darks. It comes with leg padding to prevent digging for your child. The hood can be rolled and secured through the fabric loops. 

Coorie carrier hood rolled and secured and using the hood as head support/cover

    How to Use the Coorie Baby & Toddler Carrier

    How to front carry in the Oscha Coorie Carrier

    Front carries are simple in this baby carrier, secure the ring waist, seat your baby and pass the fabric between their legs and up over their back. Pass the straps over your shoulders, crossing them at the back. Bring the straps to the front, cross under baby's bum, bring back under baby's legs and tie at your back. The video will show you all the details. It is quick and easy to get a comfortably carry with the Coorie baby carrier.

    How to back carry in the Coorie Carrier

    To back carry in the Coorie baby carrier secure the waist, seat your baby above it and bring the panel up over their back. Scoot baby around your hip onto your back and pass the shoulder straps over each shoulder, bring them over baby's bum, cross and then bring under their legs to your front and tie off.

    If you are inexperienced at back carrying have someone to help spot for you and practice over a soft surface. Only attempt back carries with babies over 6 months and with good head control.

    See the full Coorie baby carrier playlist on YouTube

    Which Size Oscha Coorie Carrier Should I Choose?

    If you're looking for one carrier to use from baby to toddlerhood then the Coorie Baby is the right choice for you. We'd recommend it from around 3 months until around 30 months.

    If you're looking for something for your big kid then go for the Toddler Coorie, it is suitable from around 2 to 5 years old depending on the size of your child.

    Coorie Carrier Dimensions

    Body panel: 16″/41cm (baby) x 17″/43cm. 19.5″/49.5cm wide x 17″/43cm tall (toddler)
    Waistband: up to 54″/137cm
    Shoulder straps: 83″/210cm (baby), 87″/220cm (toddler)

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    Coorie Baby Carrier Reviews by Parents

    "I LOVE the waist, best waist ever. It looks beautiful in this width and with the pleating. I love the sling ring finish as it really works well with the whole elegant aesthetic. I thought it was very figure flattering too."

    Nicola K

    "The waist was also really comfortable and took a lot of the weight of my carryee's. I love how the width meant that I could start with the waist band right around the top of my hips and have it really stay there. The width of the wrap material with the sling rings felt very secure. I carried Ted who is a very solid, dense 1yr old but also carried my long 3.5 year old in it too. Jazzy told me that she was very comfortable."

    Nicola K

    The Toddler Coorie in use

    "I really love the ring waist, it is wide but not bulky and this makes it very supportive. It moulds around my hips and waist really well, and I like that the padding extends under the rings so they don't dig in at all. I find the carrier comfortable and supportive for my toddler and preschooler, and I like that the straps are long enough to Tie Tibetan, or bring back around to the back to tie under the child's bum when used in a back carry . It is also a very attractive carrier which is always a bonus!"

    Leigh E

    "The Coorie is very comfortable. In terms of comfort and style, it is a true success!"

    Virginie M

    Coorie in use

    The Coorie is currently available through preorders and Made to Order. Have a Coorie made just for you:

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    From Co-Founder & cwin mum, Zoe on the development of the Coorie & Oscha's other carriers:

    "I began my baby carrying days mostly using soft structured carriers, I couldn't understand why anyone would want to wrap when it seemed like so much more hassle! However, eventually, after I had twins, I really got into wraps. I appreciated the perfectly snug, tailored fit you could achieve as well as the support; both of which were essential for my little premature babies with low muscle tone. I loved how there was nothing stiff to dig in and all parts of the wrap looked pretty, elegant even, front or back, with swishy tails hanging off to the side. I also loved the fact that, even in a simple ruck, there was no digging into my abdomen. These issues were something I'd just taken for granted with SSCs and didn't know that there could be alternatives.

    There's no denying that SSCs can be very handy and wrapping isn't for everyone, there were lots of times when I would opt to use one. So I started to think about how to solve the issues I was finding: combining the ease and function of an SSC with the beauty and softness of a wrap, and especially preventing digging in at the waist.

    Roses Eros Coorie being tied

    It's been a long journey, with lots of very helpful testers along the way! Susan Ansell, of Show Me Slings, was the first to spend a lot of time with me, talking through her experiences as a Sling Consultant in Edinburgh, the pros and cons of the different carriers she offered. I visited our local sling meet and a few of lovely ladies there tried carriers on and took them away for further testing. Rosie of Sheffield Sling Surgery has been absolutely invaluable, with a pool of slinging parents visiting every week, she's provided masses of feedback on our various prototypes.

    There's been a number of sleepless nights whilst I tried to puzzle out how to make the features work and I've worked closely with our in-house tailor and designer, Andrea, over the last 2 and a half years, with countless prototypes!"

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