*New Blend* Machine-washable Wool

*New Blend* Machine-washable Wool

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We enjoy developing and discovering new blends and fabric constructions for our customers and value sharing this process with a selection of babywearing testers. The latest prototype to hit the road was Kasumi Orabel which is a new blend, for us, in machine-washable wool. We sent it to three testers in the USA.

This wrap is woven on an organic cotton/linen warp and is made up of 45% extrafinewool, 20% organic linen, 35% organic combed cotton. The yarns are not treated with any harmful chemicals and, as with all of our fabrics, are in compliance with oeko-tex rules.

We asked Laketa from TandemTrouble, Bee from The Wild Bees and Samantha from Vegan Babymama to report back on what they thought about how it wraps and washes.

LaKeta, who has twin toddlers, commented on the washing process and feel of the wrap:

"It has been a pleasure to wear Orabel. I have to admit to being sceptical on the machine washable wool but I believe this wrap made me a convert to superwash wool. I was so nervous about felting, I have seen some truly horrible things happen to wool in a machine wash. Not only did it wash up very well, but it also had no felting and only mild if any fuzzing. I think I see more fuzzing in Tencel than I did this wool."

"Kasumi Orabel is unbelievably supple for such a high wool content. The characteristic prickle common to wool is there but nicely balanced against the higher cotton content. We love wool and have even worn a similar blend during the hot Arizona summer. I find that while wool is heat insulating, the super wools have high breathability and, when blended with the ETS cottons, make a rather comfortable wear in warm but not hot temperatures."

Bee whois a certified babywearing consultant tried the Kasumi with her 3-year-old son in a ruck with a knotless finish and in a double hammock carry:

"Oscha Kasumi Orabel came to me broken in... and it felt amazing to wrap with. I believe this would be a fantastic wrap for newborn to toddlers. The passes and knots were almost effortless and could easily hold a newborn to toddler as the wrap gets worn in and well loved."

Samantha from Vegan Babymamma comments on the feeling and structure of the blend:

"The key feature of this wrap is the thread blend. The extra-fine wool makes it supple, perfect for shoulder comfort without being itchy or thick. The linen keeps the wrap on the lighter/cooler side, perfect for a wide variety of conditions.The cotton gives it the structure and support to last on long hikes. Oscha really picked the perfect blend ratio for a versatile hiking wrap for the Pacific Northwest!"

You can wash this wrap in your machine on a delicate cycle at 30 °. It's the perfect blend for busy families who love wool wraps!