The Middle-earth™ Collection: Oakenshield™

The Middle-earth™ Collection: Oakenshield™

The Oakenshield design is an ode to the Dwarves of Middle-earth, namely the lineage who mined The Lonely Mountain before Smaug took possession. Learn about the meaning and the creation of the design.
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Our Middle-earth Collection wouldn't be complete without a design dedicated to the great miners and craftsmen of the world of The Lord of the Rings™: the Dwarves. Practical, skilled & proud warriors, the Dwarves immense architectural feats and forging skills, which were said to rival those of the Elves, are legendary.

This strong, new pattern is named Oakenshield, after the heirs to the title "King Under the Mountain" - a hereditary title conveyed on the Dwarf ruler who resides in the Lonely Mountain.

Thorin Oakenshield, in The Hobbit™, is the sole heir to this title. His grandfather Thrór was the ruler who lost the mountain dwelling, and the wealth within it, to Smaug in TA2770. Defeated, Thrór passed the title & the last of the Seven Dwarven Rings to his son: Thráin II, father of Thorin. Living a life of exile with his father, Thorin cultivated an unwavering sense of purpose which would eventually drive his quest to retake his family seat from the ferocious dragon, bringing Bilbo Baggins (and all of us) along with him for the adventure.

The Oakenshield lineage is celebrated on this stunning new wrap design, with the names Thrór, and Thorin inscribed in the edges of the interlocking shields which make up this geometric pattern. Inspired by the industrial nature of the Dwarves, and their celebrated talent for manufacturing arms, this baby wrap is a homage to the Oakensheild line - their title 'King Under the Mountain' is inscribed in repeating runes along the top and bottom rails.

We took inspiration for the motifs and hard lines of Art Deco pieces, creating a series of decorative shields which feature straight-edged interlocking patterns reminiscent of Celtic knots but with a more industrial aesthetic, reflecting the nature of the Dwarves of Middle-earth.



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