Middle-earth™ Collection: The Shire™ & Hobbiton™

Middle-earth™ Collection: The Shire™ & Hobbiton™

Learn about the creation and details of Shire design created to evoke Bilbo and Frodo's home in Hobbiton.
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The Shire is an essential part of our Middle-earth design range. It pays homage to descriptions of the Hobbit homeland and includes the iconic circular doors of Hobbit Holes as well as many other details.

The Shire is described as being a green and pleasant countryside filled with woods, fields and meadows. Hobbits enjoy their gardens, their comforts and their food!

"For all Hobbits share a love of things that grow"

This detailed pattern features the iconic circular doorway of the cosy Baggins' Hobbit Hole. The homely scene evokes the pages of a classic storybook as smoke rises from warm hearths and well-tended gardens teem with life. 

Our cosy scene is set between beautiful flowering borders, evoking the pages of a classic storybook. The Westfarthing was known for being the home of the beloved characters, Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins, as that is where the village Hobbiton was located. This is a stunning pattern tells the whimsical tale of the Hobbit home.

There were many versions of the pattern as drawings for the design developed. You can see some changes with animals popping up, the shaping of the tree trunks and foliage elements.

The Shire design development sketches

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This resulted in two versions of the design - Shire, and Hobbiton. The Shire design has borders with lettering on them and twisted tree trunks. Hobbiton features more animal friends and straight tree trunks, it doesn't have a border element although we sometimes throw in some customer inspired suggestions such as text or a starry backdrop.

Below you can see the final drawing for The Shire:

Final Shire design inked


Below you can see the Hobbiton design with a star filled border:

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You can also see an original discarded version below which focussed on the door with grape vines surrounding:

This design has been a labour of love: bringing together the lore from the world of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and Oscha's unique aesthetic to create this stunning Shire pattern. 

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