Oscha Scarves, Shawls, Cowls and Infinity Loops - what's the difference?

Oscha Scarves, Shawls, Cowls and Infinity Loops - what's the difference?

Learn what the difference is between the different types of Oscha scarves and shawls and how do you choose between them?
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At Oscha we make a few different types of scarves and you might be wondering what's the difference between a Ceò and medium weight scarf? What is a Wrap Fabric Scarf? 

We may use different weights and types of yarns along with varying loom set ups to create scarves that offer unique qualities for different seasons and purposes. All of our scarves are woven on the jacquard loom to create the intricate patterns and colour fades you love! 

What is a Ceò Scarf or Lightweight Scarf?

Oscha Lightweight Ceò scarves are specially woven using fine yarns in both the warp and weft. Learn what is warp and weft. Usually the warp will be Mercerised Egyptian Mako cotton - this high quality yarn is very shiny, smooth and strong (scroll to the end of the page to learn more about this yarn). The weft yarns used might also be Egyptian Mako cotton or another fine yarn. One of our favourites is cotton/cashmere/silk or Tencel/cashmere. 

The final effect is a lightweight, versatile scarf with a stunning shimmer.

Red ceo scarf showing fringe

Product Specifications

Ceò scarves are around 60-70cm wide (the same as our baby wrap fabric) and 2m long. This means they can also be used as a shawl - great for an event such as a wedding.

Lightweight scarves always feature a short fringe on the ends. You can also find Infinity Loops and or Cowls in the same Ceò fabrics. 

Lothlorien rest scarf

What does Ceò mean?

Ceò is the Gaelic word for mist - we chose it because the scarf has a beautiful lightness, like mist over the landscape in the mornings.

Why our customers love Ceò Scarves

  • Suitable year-round, even in warm climates
  • Great for a beach cover up or outfit
  • Beautiful accessory for an event
  • Amazing shimmer

What is a Hybrid or Medium Weight Scarf?

We weave these type of scarves on the same warps as our baby wrap fabrics. We then use a finer weft yarn - this creates a fabric that is usually somewhere in between the thickness of a wrap and a Lightweight Ceò scarf. In the past we have also referred to these as 'hybrid scarves' for this reason.

medium weight scarf in purples

In addition to the fine weft yarn, these scarves are woven in a slightly different way to our wrap fabric. This helps give them the beautiful drape and enchanced shine that they are known for. 

Product Specifications

These scarves are the same width as wraps and Lightweight scarves - around 60-70cm. They are around 2m long. They also feature a fringed edge and are available as Infinity Loops and Cowls.

Why Choose a Medium Weight Scarf

  • Beautifully soft
  • Lovely drape and gentle shimmer
  • Can go from autumn to spring
  • Can also be used as a shawl and for an event
Legend of Frodo medium weight scarf

    What is an Infinity Loop? 

    An infinity loop is a length of scarf fabric that is sewn with a French seam to form a long loop. This can either be looped once or twice around your neck. They are a stylish way of wearing a scarf.

    infinity loop wrapped twice


    You can buy Infinity Loops in Lightweight/Ceo and Medium Weight scarf fabrics (approx 70cm wide). You can also choose them in our Preorder and Made to Order listings in wrap fabrics (choose between a regular Infinity Loop at approx 70cm wide or a 'Precis' at approx 35cm wide).

    Why Choose an Infinity Loop?

    • Stylish way of wearing a scarf
    • Can have as one long loop or doubled up for a more bunched effectinfinity loop worn without doubling up

    What is a Cowl?

    A cowl is a short length of fabric that has been looped together with a French seam. They form a neat loop around your neck, almost like a fabric alternative to a necklace. 

    Cowl being used


    You can buy Cowls in Lightweight/Ceo and Medium Weight scarf fabrics (approx 70cm wide). You can also choose them in our Preorder and Made to Order listings in wrap fabrics (choose between a regular Infinity Loop at approx 70cm wide or a 'Precis' at approx 35cm wide).

    showing shape of a cowl

    Why Choose a Cowl

    • Simple and decorative neckwear
    • Affordable option

    What is an Oscha Shawl

    Oscha shawls are made with the same fabric as our baby wraps. They are a perfect option if you love the wrap fabric and want an accessory to match your sling or aren't purchasing babywearing items right now.

    Oscha shawl made with wrap fabric

    Because shawls are full wrap width (around 60-70cm) they make a nice accessory for an event in cooler climates as the fabrics are usually thicker than medium or lightweight scarves.

    Product Specifications

    60-70cm wide, hemmed, around 210cm long. 

    shawl wrapped as a scarf

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    Why Choose an Oscha Shawl?

    • A great accessory if you love the wrap fabric
    • Perfect for a cover up at a wedding
    • Makes a great chunky scarf

    comparison of light and medium weight Oscha scarves and also wrap fabric shawls

    What is a Wrap Scarf?

    Wrap scarves are made with Oscha wrap fabric cut into a good shape and size for a scarf. This means that if you love one of the fabrics we release but don't want a baby sling you could choose to have the fabric as a scarf.

    customer showing a wrap scarf in action

    Wrap scarves are only available to buy via our Made to Order and Preorder listings - we will cut and stitch them especially for you.

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    Whatever qualities the wrap fabric has, the scarf will be the same. This means it could be woven with the widest range of yarns we offer, from Luxe blends to 100% organic cotton. It's a lovely way to bring a bit of the wrap fabric magic into your life!

    Product Specifications

    These are cut to half baby wrap width as the fabric is usually thicker than either the Ceo or medium weight scarves. So they are usually about 30-35cm wide and around 2m long. 

    You can also buy a Wrap Fabric Infinity Loop and Wrap Fabric Cowl.

    holding out scarf to show width

    Why Choose a Wrap Fabric Scarf?

    • A great accessory to match your sling
    • An option if you love the fabric but don't want a babywearing item
    • Nice if you don't like a wide or bulky scarf
    • All the lovely quality of our jacquard woven slings

    What is Does Précis Mean?

    A Precis item measures half wrap width, approximately 35cm. They are only available in Made to Order and Preorder listings on our wrap fabric for Infinity Loops and Cowls. They are half the width of the Medium Weight and Lightweight Ceo Scarves. We offer these for customers who would like something less bulky as the wrap fabric can be a bit thicker.

    Occasionally we may run Ceo Scarf preorders, in which case you would also see Precis sizing available and this may include the scarf option as well for people who want a very light item.  

    comparison of Oscha wrap fabric scarves, cowls, infinity loops and shawls including Precis

    Oscha wrap fabric scarf, cowl, infinity loop and shawl comparison with in use images

    Some customers refer to our Wrap Fabric Scarves as Precis Scarves or Precis Shawls. This is to clarify that the Wrap Fabric Scarves are unique amongst our scarf offerings in being half wrap width. Therefore, Precis refers to an item being around 35cm wide. All of our other scarves (Lightweight Ceo and Medium weight) as well as Shawls are around 70cm wide (full wrap width).

    What does Top Half and Bottom Half Mean?

    In preorder and Made to Order listings if there is a difference in appearance between the top and bottom of the fabric (e.g. because of a colour fade or landscape style pattern) then you will be given the option of selecting the 'bottom half' or 'top half' for Precis items. This so you can choose which half of the fabric you prefer.

    How Should I wash my scarf?

    Follow the care label - for easy care items just a 30 degree wash and line dry are normally recommended. If it's a hand wash item then you can put it through a trusted machine on the wool or silk wash setting. If you are washing by hand gently dip the item in water with a small amount of cleaning liquid. Keep the water luke warm. Gently swirl your scarf being careful not to over-agitate. Squeeze gently and rinse once or twice in luke warp water. To dry you can first roll it in a towel and press on it to absorb the excess water, then lay flat to dry out.

      What is Mako Cotton?

      Mako Cotton is grown in Egypt, the name coming from the place it is produced. It is a long-staple cotton that creates one of the finest yarns in the world. This type of cotton can be spun into a smoother and stronger yarn than most others. It makes a soft, shiny and strong yarn. 

      ceo scarf showing how lightweight it is

      What is Mercerized Cotton?

      Mercerization is the process that adds lustre to fibres, usually cotton. Not only does it add shine, it also increases their dye absorption meaning that the colours are deeper and brighter. Another benefit is that the yarn retains the colour and has reduced pilling over multiple washes.

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