The Common Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms of Babywearing

The Common Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms of Babywearing

What does FWCC mean? What do the TICKS guidelines stand for? And what does it mean if someone is DISO?

If you’re new to woven wraps, slings and baby carriers then you’ve probably asked yourself what do these sling abbreviations stand for? The language of the sling world, particularly the acronyms and abbreviations, used can be confusing and overwhelming if you’re just starting out. Read our simple guide to understanding babywearing acronyms, from the buy, sell, trade world to different carries, you can learn what all these sling terms mean!

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Our A-Z will help you understand the lingo of the sling world.

General Terms & Abbreviations

BW - Babywearing

FB - Full buckle
A structured carrier with buckle waistband and shoulder straps.

HB - Half buckle
A cross between a Full Bucker carrier and a Meh Dai and a Full Buckle, with a buckle waistband and tie on shoulder straps.

Starry Night Gold Dust Cairis - A Half Buckle Carrier

RS - Ring Sling
Learn more about ring slings here.

Matrix Aura Ring Sling

SSC - Soft Structured Carrier

TICKS -  An acronym for safe babywearing: 
Tight, In View, Close Enough to Kiss, Keep Chin Off Chest, Supported Back.
Follow the helpful checklist.

WC - Wrap Conversion

Wrapping terms and acronyms -

BWCC - Back Wrap Cross Carry

CB - Chest Belt

CCC - Charlie’s Cross Carry

CCCB - Candy Cane Chest Belt. A type of fancy finish.

DH - Double Hammock

DHDR - Double Hammock Double Rings 

FCC - Front Cross Carry

FWCC - Front Wrap Cross Carry

HCC - Hip Cross Carry 

HJBC - Half Jordan's Back Carry

JBC - Jordan’s Back Carry 

MM - Middle Marker
A label marking the middle of a wrap.

PWCC - Pocket Wrap Cross Carry
This is the most common way to tie a stretchy wrap.

RRR - Rear Reinforced Ruck, also known as Pirate Carry. 

RTAS - Ruck Tied At Shoulder

RTIF - Ruck Tied In Front

RTT - Ruck Tied Tibetan

RTUB - Ruck Tied Under Bum

SBCC - Short Back Cross Carry 

SHBC - Secure High Back Carry

TAS - Tied At Shoulder 

TIF - Tied In Front

TT - Tied Tibetan. A knotless style of tying off a wrap

TUB - Tied Under Bum

Terms Used in Selling Groups

BNIB – Brand New In Box

BNIP – Brand New In Package

BSS - Buy Swap Sell

BST - Buy Sell Trade

CISO - Casually In Search Of

DISO - Desperately In Search Of

DOND - Deal Or No Deal

EUC – Excellent Used Condition

FSO - For Sale Only

FSOT - For Sale Or Trade

Misty Mountains Aduial Ring Sling

FTO - For Trade Only

GUC – Good Used Condition

HAS - Highly Sought After

HE Feedback - High End Feedback. Seller feedback, required by some BST groups.

HTF - Hard To Find

ISO - In Search Of

MMARO – Make Me A Reasonable Offer

NWT – New With Tags

NWOT – New Without Tags

Willow Esprit Woven Wrap

OOAK - One Of A Kind 

PM - Private Message 

STIH - Soft Tape In Hand

VGUC - Very Good Used Condition