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What is the Nook Baby Carrier? Learn About Oscha's Luxury Full Buckle Baby Carrier

Learn about the Nook baby and toddler carrier - the most innovative and comfortable baby carrier out there, tested by parents, made for a perfect fit in back and front carriers. This is the ultimate luxury baby carrier.
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The Nook was a labour of love, taking 3 years to develop. The idea? - to create a full buckle carrier that could come as close as possible to the beauty and comfort of a woven wrap. With unique features such as buckle covers and special strap positioning to more closely mimic the weight distribution of a baby wrap, the Nook is made entirely of specially woven wrap fabric.

When developing the Nook baby carrier we worked closely with our customers & experienced Carrying Consultants to ensure each added feature met their needs and high standards. It has been also approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Association as a hip healthy product. The carrier holds your baby in the most comfortable and optimum hip position for growth & development

If you have a Nook carrier and you're looking to learn how to use it or get the best fit from your Nook read our guide

Nook Encompass in a front carry in Misty Mountains aduial blue fabric

One of the key features of the Oscha Nook is the 'Continuum Straps' - unlike most other full buckle carriers the straps attach at the base, rather than the sides. This provides a really comfortable seat for your little one in front and back carries and gives even weight distribution, plus no digging in from buckles under your arms. 

The straps can be positioned over or under baby's legs - under legs is great for little babies or for putting your baby on your back in the Onbuhimo style, which many people find convenient. Positioning the straps over legs can offer greater support and weight distribution for bigger kids.

straps and waist belt of Nook baby carrier

The Nook features our signature Stratalinea waistband; a quilted padded waist-band that avoids digging from webbing for comfort and elegance.

The carrier has a detachable hood so you can choose if you'd like it on or not. It is also ruchable, so you can adapt it to fit as needed. The hood can also be used to reduce the wish at the top of the carrier with a newborn.

hood tightened on Nook carrier
Key Features of the Oscha Nook Carrier
  • Continuum straps for ultimate comfort
  • In-built cinch to adjust the body panel so it will fit & grow with your child
  • Stratalinea waistband, shaped and quilted
  • Special fabric covers for the strap buckles
  • Straps can go over or under child's legs 
  • Chest strap made of jacquard fabric
  • Mouldable light padding in the shoulder straps
  • Leg padding for your child's comfort
  • Front & Back carries
  • Colour matched webbing
  • Ergonomic position
  • Detachable ruchable hood 

Oscha Smaug Nook showing cynch and back of quilted waist belt

Which Size Nook Carrier do I need?

The Nook comes in two sizes - Encompass (birth to toddler) & Evolve (toddler to preschool) to ensure you can get the longest use and the most comfortable experience.

Looking for one baby carrier from birth to toddlerhood? Nook Encompass Baby to Toddler Carrier (Newborn – 2.5 years)

The Nook Encompass is the answer. Your carrier will grow with your little one as they develop from newborn until toddlerhood with the in-built cinch, making it easy to adjust as they get older.

Adjustable cinch to allow you to reduce the panel width for smaller babies and widen it out as your child grows.

Learn about all the special features of the Nook Carrier

How to use the Nook baby carrier being for a front carry

Looking to carry for longer? Nook Evolve Toddler to Preschool Carrier (2 – 6 years):

The Nook Evolve provides you with the opportunity to carry your older toddler up until the 'big kid' or 'pre-school' stage, we know carrying has so many positive benefits that often children and parents would prefer to carry comfortably for as long as possible. Therefore, our Nook Evolve can expand from 2 years up untill approximately 6 years of age using the in-built width and height cinches.

Evolve Special Features:
  • Up to preschool size which grows with your little one with no extra accessories needed.
  • Suitable for use from 2 – approx 6 years
  • Extra padding on the shoulder straps
  • Bigger panel size 
  • In-built seat cinch and in-built height cinch to allow the carrier to be adjusted to the correct size

Evolve - Toddler to Preschool Carrier Features


How to use the Nook baby carrier for a back carry

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    Confidence in Comfort:

    The Nook has been carefully designed with comfort in mind. All of our seams, padding and size adjusters are made from soft mouldable fabric for the comfort of you and your little one.

    Customer Testimonials

    We sent the Encompass & Evolve to three of our customers to test and review, see their thoughts below:

    I have truly enjoyed testing the new nook! I mostly wrap, but this carrier was very user-friendly and comfortable. The additional shoulder padding made it very comfortable to wear, and the continuum strap provided more even weight distribution than any other buckle carrier I have tried. I love how the adjustable internal cinch grows with my child and provides exactly the fit she needs. I also like how the chest clip is detachable. I found a back carry very easy and like the aesthetic without the chest clip, but love that I can add it on for front carries. Just like the previous generations of Nooks, this is beautifully crafted, soft, with artful attention to detail I've come to expect from Oscha. Truly a win!

    Nikki (Nook Encompass)

    I love this new Nook. I thought the last one was comfortable but this one is much more comfortable. For those that want one carrier, this is definitely THE carrier because it will last for years as your child grows.

    Carin (Nook Evolve)

    I'm very impressed with how comfortable this carrier is for both of my children. The youngest is 7 months and the oldest is 31 months. I can carry the baby in the front with him having the panel not engulf his back and the toddler on my back supported by his shoulder blades. For my toddler, I put him in the carrier just the same as I do with an onbuhimo. That extra support on the waistband really helps ease discomfort on the shoulders! Follow Jessica on instagram: @mamawearsbaby

    Jessica (Nook Encompass)
    To read more experiences of the Nook or ask our testers questions, join our Facebook community group Clan Oscha

    What are the Nook Baby Carrier Dimensions?


    Encompass - 17" / 43 cm high x 20cm -16.5" / 42cm wide
    Evolve - 30cm - 21" / 53.5cm high x 28cm - 20" / 51cm


        66cm/26" - 137cm/54" . If you'd like a waist extender for your carrier you can simply email us ( and we can create an invoice for you for all the items together.

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