What is an XL Ring Sling - Why Would You Want One & How to Use!

What is an XL Ring Sling - Why Would You Want One & How to Use!

You may be wondering, why would I want and XL Ring Sling to carry my baby? Many of you already find the tails on your Ring Sling long enough and can't figure out why you would want more length! Here are the top reasons XL RS's can be a great addition to your stash plus some tutorials on how to use them for front back and hip carries.
Why Would I Want an Extra Long Ring Sling?

Don't think of these as a normal Ring Sling (although you could use them this way if you just want the extra length or some mega swishy tails), they're really more intended to be used as a shorty wrap with a neat way to secure the ends instead of a knot.

Why not just use a wrap then?!

There are 3 main reasons an XL Ring Sling is helpful instead of using a wrap -

  1. You don't need as much length, a ring tie off requires less

  2. You don't have to carry rings around with you to tie off with

  3. They're great for handy back carries

  4. Yes, we stuck in a fourth one - because its a fun new way of wrapping for you to experiment with and even develop your own carries with!

You could also see an XL RS as a ring sling that wraps around a couple of times to offer more support (our first two videos for the front and hip carry show this below).

XL RS in a short cross carry

XL RS being used for a Short Cross Carry

We asked our customers why they enjoy an XL RS

I’m not a RS fan to begin with ... BUT this was a game changer since I don’t have to rely on one of my shoulders, I can still do what I usually do with a wrap with a RS. I find it useful, convenient and comfortable. 10 out of 10


I prefer [and XL RS] for my no-sew ring sling and SCC [Short Cross Carry] with a ring. It’s easier to tighten the ring sling, and distributes weight nicely with the cross carry. It makes my Oscha shorty a perfect toss in the diaper bag for quick and easy ups!


How to Use an Extra Long Ring Sling

Below you can find front, hip and back carry options for learning to use an Extra Long Ring Sling, there are all filmed by experienced Sling Consultant, Carolin. Be mindful of securing the short tail with the ring on it well as you are wrapping and be aware of any extra length on the long tail once you've wrapped, you should never have a tripping hazard!

Front Carry - Double Sling Carry with an XL Ring Sling

Front Carry - Short Cross Carry with an XL RS


Hip Carry - Coolest Hip Carry with an XL Ring Sling

Back Carry Tutorial - Semi Double Hammock with an XL Ring Sling

Back Carry - Shepherd's Carry with an XL RS

At Oscha we offer XL Ring Slings (sometimes called XXL RS's) that are 3m along the long side of the tapered edge. We consulted with our customers to decide on this length as it suits most people for a wide variety of carries. You can order them through our Made to Order and Preorder services and have one made especially for you in a fabric of your choice.

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Don't see a Made to Order or Preorder running right now? Don't worry, we run Made to Orders on our new release fabric around every two weeks and Preorders once a month, just keep an eye on our newsletters for the next one coming.

In these videos Carolin is using Starry Night Gold Dust, this is available as a regular length ring sling, baby wrap or Cairis Carrier in our shop. In the modelled pictures you can see Ross using Willow Esprit.

Xl RS being used for a Semi-DH