Getting The Best Out Of Your Nook Carrier

Getting The Best Out Of Your Nook Carrier

These troubleshooting tips will help you get the best out of your Nook baby and toddler full buckle carrier.

The Oscha Nook Carrier is unlike any other full buckle baby carrier and like any new product, taking time to learn how to use it is really important, ensuring you can get the most out of it. You'll find the Nook easy to use and comfortable in no time, if you follow these top tips.

Getting the Size Right: Panel Width & Height

Both the Nook Encompass and Evolve have been made with generous dimensions, designed to last you a long time. By positioning the waist belt higher on your body and narrowing the panel width with a tie, the Nook can be made smaller, later adjustments can be made to ensure it grows with your child.

Encompass: birth to approx 2.5 years (7lb min - 45lb max)
Evolve: Approx 2 - 6 years (25lb min - 45lb max)

Newborn & Baby

Straps: over or under knee?

One of the most innovative features of the Oscha Nook is the Continuum Straps, which create a continuous loop across the shoulders and under your little one's bum. This specially designed feature, unique to Oscha provides even and comfortable weight distribution plus no digging in from buckles under your arms (similar to the fit of a woven wrap). 

The Nook is designed to have the straps go over your little one's legs after 4 months but you can position them under if you find it more comfortable.

Straps For Front Carries: Clipped or Crossed?

The Nook was designed to be worn like a rucksack where the Continuum Straps are contoured to fit perfectly on the shoulders & clipped with the chest strap to hold them in place (on front or back).

However, if you prefer to do crossed straps for front carries, this is also possible. Watch this video on the best way to do this:

Back carry

In this video you can learn how to back carry your baby or toddler in the carrier using the 'pre-clipped hip scoot method', which feels very safe if you are nervous about getting your baby on your back in a sling carrier. 

Remember if you are doing a back carry to make sure your child is old enough to support their own head before trying.

See the Full Oscha Nook Video Playlist on YouTube

Tips For Tightening the Straps

We have chosen to use strong webbing for maximum longevity, if you're finding it a little tricky to adjust, try these steps:

  • Try a different angle
  • If they are crossed, start with one underneath first

Watch these videos on tips for tightening

Rucksack Straps Back Carry:

Crossed Straps Front Carry:

Getting the most from the waistband

Our much-loved Strata-linea waistband (full padded waistband) is included for optimum support & moldability on your hips and waist which is flattering & reduces digging. Here are a few tips to ensure your padding stays in place for maximum comfort:

If you have any questions about the Nook you can ask them in The Clan Oscha Facebook group or email us at

Features of our Nook Full Buckle Carrier:

  • Strata-linea waistband
  • Ergonomic M-position
  • Even weight distribution
  • Baby size suitable from birth with Cynch
  • Front & back carries
  • Attached hood
  • Chest clip with padding made from matching fabric
  • Buckle covers for comfort & aesthetics
  • The beauty of a woven wrap - the simplicity of a buckle carrier
  • Hand made in Scotland from natural and organic yarns

The Nook is currently available by Preorder and Made to Order

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