The Middle-earth™ Collection: Doors of Durin™

The Middle-earth™ Collection: Doors of Durin™

Discover more about the meaning behind this iconic design.
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We return to Middle-earth for this much anticipated design inspired by the world of The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™ books. We start our journey at the gate to the abandoned Mines of Moria with the Doors of Durin pattern.

The Doors of Durin or West-gate protect the entrance to Moria, once the Dwarf kingdom of Khazad-dûm. Built-in the Second Age of Middle Earth, the Doors of Durin were made by Elves and Dwarves, specifically, Narvi, the greatest craftsman of the Dwarves and Celebrimbor, Lord of Eregion, The door was used for trading and other joint activities.​

The way to open the magical Doors had long been forgotten. When the Fellowship of the Ring tried to gain entry to Moria through the Doors Gandalf at first could not understand the words or spell that was required to open them. The inscription read 'speak friend and enter' - eventually Gandalf understood that this was a riddle and the answer required to open the doors was a word in Elvish for friend, 'mellon'.

The Doors are described as being carved so that they are flush with the rock and invisible to the naked eye. The slabs were made of material stronger than stone and inlaid with ithildin which could only be seen in the lights reflected from the moon and stars

Our pattern pays homage to the descriptions of this iconic motif and includes the Elvish inscription above the doors:

"The Doors of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter. I, Narvi, made them. Celebrimbor of Hollin drew these signs."

The placement of the Doors on the baby slings is such that the whole of the door will lie across your little ones back when wrapped - meaning the Door sits in the top two thirds of the wrap width, with a cascade of ivy flowing through the bottom third, much of which will be tucked under the seat when is use. Perfectly demonstrated in the image below.

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