The Middle-earth™ Collection: Mithril ™

The Middle-earth™ Collection: Mithril ™

Learn about the conception behind the Mithril design that was created in collaboration with Anna Lehner, the meaning of the quote the runs along the border and more.

Designed in collaboration with Oscha customer Anna Lehner, our Mithril pattern has quickly become a customer favourite. We chatted to Anna about her inspiration for this Middle-earth Collection design.

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Inspired by the Mithril shirt given to Frodo by Bilbo in Rivendell, this gorgeous chainmail design features intricate interlinking rings leading to delicate circular details which frame the hems of this sling. A flowing Sindarin script reads

“My heart is glad to know you have such a coat" quoting Bilbo's words to Frodo.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I am Swiss, have a PhD in Chemistry, and am currently working on materials design of new intermetallic phases (how fitting!). I live in Freiburg, at the toes of the Black Forest in Germany with my husband, son, and daughter. We've been babywearing in Oscha slings since summer of 2013 and babywearing has been enriching my life in so many ways. Woven wraps entwined with metallic associations have become my special little obsession over the years."

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What drew you to designing a Mithril pattern?

“Even before the Oscha Middle Earth collection was announced, I have been dreaming about a chain mail baby wrap. I love the filigree appearance and the significance of strength, durability and well-protectedness it holds. To me this is the essence of why we wear our babies: to keep them sheltered in the safest place close to our hearts wrapped up in the love blossoming between us."

How do you feel about working with Oscha on this design?

“I am deeply grateful that the Oscha team decided to work with my design and make a huge dream come true for me, this is such a brilliant culmination of our baby-wearing journey after years of daily use of Oscha slings."

“The Mithril Mist & Shadow Ring Sling we received is wonderfully soft due to the ecru Britspun Supima weft glowing through the smooth combed cotton warp. Those two cottons make for delightful wrapping qualities, a super happy medium between easily manageable and cushy.

I am very pleased with the translation of the pattern into the woven fabric: the chainmail rings are really given life and texture! The result is a smooth glide through the rings but solid support once tightened. Overall, an easy-care allrounder that I proudly recommend for babies and chunky toddlers alike."

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