What is a Sling Consultant

What is a Sling Consultant

A Sling Consultant is a professional who is trained and insured in the art and science of baby carrying. They are experts in how to use, fit and tailor slings to you and your baby's specific needs.

With their broad knowledge and extensive experience, they are able to find the ideal solutions for situations which may require extra support. For example, if you are carrying twins, premature babies, starting back carrying and children with any additional medical needs.

Read on to learn more about how a Sling Consultant might be able to help you.

Below we have outlined the three ways in which you can access a Sling Consultant's help. All offer unique experiences but all are aimed at guiding and nurturing you on your babywearing journey. So you and your little one can go out and explore the world with renewed confidence.

1: Drop-In Sessions

These sessions are normally free of charge, though they may consultants may charge a small fee (e.g. £2). You can find these sessions at your local community centres, church halls or children centres. From these drop-in sessions, you are able to chat with your local consultant and hire carriers from around £10-£20 a month depending on the prices within your local area.

2: Workshops

Workshops are run by Consultant and often last about 2-3 hours. They usually cover a set topic such as 'Woven Wrap Workshop' or 'Beginning to Back Carry'. These are focused sessions with a planned curriculum, and places are capped to ensure the group isn't too large. These cost £15-30 per workshop and offer in-depth coverage into a particular subject.

3: Private Appointments

These are usually the most beneficial to you and your little one, especially if you have specific questions or are having trouble with a particular part of carrying. Consultants also love these sessions, as they get to give you 100% of their attention. The session is planned around your specific needs, and you can try on as many carriers as you'd like in your given time, with weighted demo-dolls available too in case your wee one is sleeping.
Prices vary from £20-£45 for each session. With these one-to-one sessions, you will receive a more personal experience, to make finding that perfect option for you a little easier.

Oscha and Sling Consultants

We are so grateful for the work that Sling Consultants do in our local communities, and we love working closely with them.

If you're looking to find a local Sling Consultant in your area, and you live within the UK or Ireland, then head over to the online directory. Here you will find lists of consultants, along with what services they offer and their contact details.

If however, you're after Sling Consultants who use Oscha products specifically, then drop us an email (communities@oschaslings.com) and one of our in-house consultants will be happy to help guide you.

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We'd love to hear your stories of how a Sling Consultant helped you too - please tag us with #oschalovesconsultants so we can follow and show them our appreciation.

Written by Jess Hippey

Jess is a mum to two boys and a Baby Carrying Consultant based in Aberdeen, Scotland.