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Shire Westfarthing Cairis CarrierShire Westfarthing Cairis Carrier
Shire™ Westfarthing Cairis Carrier
Sale priceFrom $256.00 USD
Sold out Vegan100% Organic
Heather Tartan Cairis CarrierHeather Tartan Cairis Carrier
Heather Tartan Cairis Carrier
Sale priceFrom $209.00 USD
Sold out Vegan100% OrganicClassic
Rei Alta Cairis CarrierRei Alta Cairis Carrier

100% Organic Cotton

Rei Alta Cairis Carrier
Sale priceFrom $241.00 USD
Sold out VeganClassic
Sekai Sail Cairis CarrierSekai Sail Cairis Carrier

Organic Combed Cotton, Tencel

Sekai Sail Cairis Carrier
Sale priceFrom $241.00 USD

The Cairis Baby Carrier is a buckle waist, tie strap carrier that has been hand-crafted in Scotland with unique features. Designed by Oscha co-founder and twin Mum, Zoe, it is truly the most unique and comfortable baby carrier you can choose.

Oscha baby and toddler carriers are made in a sustainable, zero-waste workshop near Edinburgh. Each carrier is hand-made from our specially woven jacquard sling fabric in natural and organic yarns.

This baby carrier is simple and quick to use, it can also be used as a baby backpack carrier for back carries. It is a great carrier for bigger kids and there is a preschool option available.

  • Made in Scotland, UK
  • Front, back and hip carries
  • Unique luxury design for ultimate comfort
  • Crafted from jacquard woven fabric
  • Approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Association as a 'hip healthy product'
  • Designed by parents for parents
  • Buckle waist, tie strap baby carrier
  • Comes in 3 sizes - Baby, Toddler & Preschooler Learn more about the Cairis baby and toddler carrier

    Oscha's comfortable Cairis baby carriers bring many wonderful benefits to parents and children. Research shows that baby carriers help babies sleep as well as soothing colic and reflux, baby carriers also support breastfeeding mothers and early bonding.

    The Cairis baby carrier has been safety tested to BS EN 13209-2:2005 & ASTM:F2236-14 and are on the International Hip Dysplasia Institute's list of "hip healthy." products.