What is a Cairis Carrier?

The Cairis is a beautiful & comfortable buckle waist, tie strap carrier that has been thoughtfully designed by Mum of 3, Zoe, to bring all the features she wished to find on a baby carrier.

It is ergonomic and has unique elements designed for comfort and optimal positioning of your baby. There is no digging from webbing and buckles like many carriers,

Featuring Oscha's unique jacquard woven sling fabric, customers love this style of carrier as it is easy to use yet gives the snug adjustability of a woven wrap.

Hip Healthy
The Cairis has been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a ‘Hip Healthy’ product.

Ergonomic Position

Cairis Key Features

Padded Tie Shoulder Straps

 ✔ No stiff padding like most carriers

 ✔ Quilted shoulder straps mould to you

 ✔ Adjustable & easy to use

 ✔ Cross at your back - excellent weight distribution 

 ✔ Spread straps for extra support

 ✔ Mimics snug feeling of a woven wrap

Strata-linea® waistband

This unique waistband is gently padded and beautifully contoured with rows of stitching. We designed it to prevent digging in at the waist, which you will find in regular baby carriers from webbing and buckles.

Front, Hip & Back Carries

Front, Hip & Back Carries

For me it's the best carrier. Convenient with the buckle waist but adjustable with the wrap straps.

Discover the Cairis Features

Which Size Cairis to Choose?

The Cairis carrier is available in two sizes - Baby & Toddler - each with unique features to suit your child as they grow.

From Newborn to Toddler

Baby Size

The Baby Cairis is suitable for for newborns (7lb) up to around 30 months old.

It comes with a Cynch, which can be used to narrow the seat for babies under 4 months. This allows you to adjust the size of the body panel to exactly fit your growing baby so that it fits from knee-pit to knee-pit for comfort and optimum hip development.

You can also roll the waist to shorten the body pannel for smaller babies.

Baby Cairis Carrier Measurements

✔ Body panel (excl. waistband): 16″/41cm wide x 18″/46cm to top of the curved headrest (16″/41cm with headrest folded down).
✔ Waistband: adjustable from 27″/66cm to 54″/137cm.
✔ Shoulder strap length: 83″/210cm.

Toddler Size & Preschool Sizes

Toddler - perfect from around 2 years all the way up to around 4 or 5 years old.

Preschool - from around 4 years all the way up to 6 or 7.

Extra padding has been added to the waistband of the Toddler Cairis, with additional added ot the Preschool for additional lumbar support. The body panel has seat darts & ‘leg padding’; contouring to a larger child’s shape & aiding comfort.


Body panel (excl. waistband): Toddler - 18.5″/47cm wide x 19″/48.5cm to top of the curved headrest (17″/43cm with headrest folded down). Preschool - 20"/51cms wide x 22.5"/57cms high
✔ Waistband: adjustable from 27″/66cm to 54″/137cm.
✔ Shoulder strap length: 87″/220cm.

Not sure which size is right for you? Take a look at Carin's review video.

How to Use the Cairis

The Cairis is versatile and can be used for front back and hip carries, as well as for breastfeeding. Because it is a tie strap carrier you can also add some fancy finishes in! See below for video tutorials, you can also download the instruction booklet.

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Front Carry


Back Carry


Adapting the Cairis for a Newborn


Tips for Newborn Carrying

Tips for Newborn Carrying


Alternative Method for tying the straps

Hip Carry Options


Breastfeeding in a Cairis


Fancy Finishes



Always follow the instructions provided with your sling, you can view a pdf here.


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Why Choose Oscha

Co-founded by mum of 3, Zoe, to bring the love baby slings to you and your family. You can choose from slings that are tried and tested by fellow parents. We offer the most beautiful, colourful patterns that are designed in house and we create all of our fabric from the best ethical and organic yarns.

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