5 Tips for Carrying Curious Toddlers

5 Tips for Carrying Curious Toddlers

Carrying your newborn is such an incredible experience, holding them close as they relax, safe and secure, hearing your heartbeat. However, as your wee ones grow - so do their opinions and preferences. It can feel like the old techniques you loved to used with your wrap or carrier, suddenly need tweaking.

Read on to discover our Top Tips for Wee (or not so wee) Wrigglers, to help you both through their transition from newborn to toddlerhood.


1: Help Your Toddler To See

One of the most common reasons for a child fussing at this age is that they want to be able to see. Previously they were content with snuggling into you, but now they want to know about everything going on around them.
A shoulder flip is a fantastic way of creating a straight line along the wrap allowing wonderfully clear vision.

Extra 'passes' or layers can also be invaluable at this age, providing a little more support and comfort for you both. This videos shows how to create extra layers of support for their growing weight, whilst maintaining great visibility and airflow.

Another wonderful solution is a hip carry. This can be done with all of our carriers, and gives them the ability to see both in front and behind you.

2: Go For A Walk in Your Baby Carrier

At six months old, babies can begin to complain about being in a wrap or carrier at home - as they'd rather be playing with toys or other household objects (pots, pans, piles of clothes...etc!).
To overcome this restlessness, and to get them comfy in carrier at this stage of their development, we suggest going for a little adventure. They'll be so pleased to have a front row seat while exploring new places, that it'll settle them in a jiffy.

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3: Carry When They're Content Too

When babies are little, we often carry them when they're unsettled, as we know it helps to calm and reassure them. Often when they were tired or overwhelmed this was our go-to response.

As they get bigger, they can sometimes begin to remember the carrier as somewhere they went when they were unhappy, forgetting that the real reason for their disgruntlement was being over-tired. To overcome this association it is as simple as building some happy memories of carrying when they're well fed, rested and enjoying an adventure together, so that they associate the carrier with enjoyment.


4: Give Them Something To Hold

You may have noticed babies love to hold things - and around this time it's often your hair, your face or your necklace!
I (Jess) had a tiny little duck toy that my sons could grab onto. It was fabulous as it was just the right size for their hands, and stopped them enjoying my hair!

5: Let Your Toddler Choose!

Choice makes your children feel like they have some ownership of the world, and they love it. If it's an option, try asking your child some questions like:

Do you want to go on my Front or Back?

Do you want us to go for a walk inside or outside?

What shall we try and find when we are walking?

If you own more than one carrier, you could also try asking your child which one they'd like to use.


We hope these tips will help you and your little one grow to love carrying in this new stage of their life!

If you tried something new for the first time we’d love to see and hear how it went!
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Written by Jess Hippey

Jess is a mum to two boys and a Baby Carrying Consultant based in Aberdeen, Scotland.