Ancients of GONDOR™️: Lord of the Rings Design Development

Ancients of GONDOR™️: Lord of the Rings Design Development

Learn about the lineage of the White Trees of Gondor and the development of this design for baby slings, carriers, throws mugs and scarves.
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The White Tree is the emblem of Gondor, symbolising rebirth and the lineage of the Kings. Yet it also connects back to the very creation myths of the Middle-earth™️ universe. Our Ancients of Gondor pattern represents the long lineage of the White Trees leading up to and including the Tree of Gondor, as described in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Learn more below about the story of the Trees and how we developed this iconic design for our Middle-earth Collection.

The Two Trees & Origin Myth of Tolkien

The lineage of the White Tree of Gondor stems from the original Two Trees that were created when the world was young by the Valar who were immortal, spiritual beings. The Trees were grown in Valinor, the 'Blessed Realm', or 'Undying Lands' where they were created to bring light to the land. One emanated golden light and the other emanated silver light.

Morgoth, a Valar who had turned to darkness (Sauron's Master) and wished to claim the lands for himself, destroyed the Two Trees and the light went out from Valinor.

However, the Valar managed to save one last flower fruit from the Two Trees and thus the sun and the moon were born.


Because the Elves that first came to Valinor especially loved The Tree that emanated silver light, a second tree like it was created for them although it gave no light of its own, this was the first 'White Tree', a seedling of which was brought to Tol Eressëa.

First sketch of Celeborn with a few different approaches to the branches

At Oscha we began our symbolic first imaginings of the White Trees here they move away from their homeland and towards Gondor.

Celeborn development

At its roots and in its crown is placed a star to symbolize the Tree's close origins with the original Tree that created the silver light of the moon. In its branches are the many seedlings that were to come. The style is softly elegant and majestic, reflecting the Tree's divine origins.

The larger Tree here is Celeborn in it's final form

White Tree of Númenor

A sapling of Celeborn was then grown in the court of the King Númenor in the Second Age. Here the connection between the life and vitality of the tree became linked to the health and wealth of the kingdom, which carries on through the latter trees.

When Sauron turned the Númenoreans toward the Shadow and the White Tree of Númenor was destroyed, Isildur son of Elendil, secretly managed to retrieve a fruit of the tree before it was hewn.

Original sketches of the Tree of Númenor

Our White Tree of Númenor design is more structured and contained as the Tree was in the court of the Kings, therefore we imagined it as being used as an emblem of the Kingdom. The compact, intertwining branches symbolise the Tree's connection to the lineage of the Kings which held together their strength and their fortunes.

Our Númenor design features a seed at its roots, symbolising its origins from Celeborn, it also contains stars emblematic of the divine connection to the silver light of the moon, as well as depicting the future seedlings for the Trees yet to come in its branches.

Here you can see the Tree of Númenor alternating with the other trees in our adapted version of the pattern that features smaller trees in two rows (as opposed to one central row of Trees), named 'Trees of Gondor'

The White Trees of Gondor

When Isildur saved the single fruit of the White Tree of Númenor he returned to Middle-earth and planted it in Minas Ithil. This is the beginning of the Four White Trees of Gondor. Thereafter each Tree is connected to the line of Kings and each time there is a dwindling of their power the Tree also withers. As a strong Kingdom is founded again, a seedling is also discovered and grows strong again.

For a long time the Third White Tree of Gondor stands in the citadel of Minas Tirith, at the Court of the Fountain where it is watched over by the Guards of the Citadel who bear the crest of the Tree upon their tunics.

Once Aragorn has finally realised and accepted his destiny as King Ellessar, he at last discovers a seedling on a rocky slope near the city. Gandalf explains that the fruit has remained hidden, as Aragorn had, awaiting its time to flourish.

When Aragorn returns it to the citadel it thrives and blooms quickly and the old tree is treated as a fallen hero, carefully uprooted and lain in the Hall of the Dead.

Our Tree of Gondor design follows the descriptions of Tolkien of the standard of Gondor, which was said to feature seven stars set about a white-flowered tree, over which sits the King's winged crown. The stars represent the 'Seven stars of Elendil and his captains' from the ships that were used to flee Numenor and in doing so, reject the Shadow.

Ancients of Gondor Ithildin Bairn Carrier with the White Tree featured

The design is tall, stately and upright, with a gently spiralling flow. It features the original fruit from the Tree of Númenor at its roots and then, rising up from this, three circles to represent the future three White Trees of Gondor. The crossing of the uppermost branches symbolises the divine interlinking between the Kings of Gondor and the life of the Trees, as well as their connection back to the original creative source.

Ancients of Gondor scarf
Tree of Gondor Hith Baby Blanket

At Oscha you can find a range of baby wraps, ring slings and baby and toddler carriers featuring the Ancients of Gondor pattern. You can also find accessories such as throws, baby blankets, scarves, shawls, cowls and mugs, all expertly crafted in the British Isles and within our own workshop, near Edinburgh, from natural and organic materials.

Tree of Gondor Yoga Mat

You can also find yoga mats featuring the design from our sister company, Middle-earth Yoga™

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