Best Baby Slings for Festivals, Why a Baby Carrier is Perfect for Festival Goers & Best Eco & Family Friendly Festivals

Best Baby Slings for Festivals, Why a Baby Carrier is Perfect for Festival Goers & Best Eco & Family Friendly Festivals

Learn if a baby sling useful for going to festivals, creative ways to use them and how to choose the right sling for a festival as well as our recommendations for family friendly eco-festivals.
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There are so many amazing festivals each summer throughout the country, and more and more are being created with families in mind. 

We've put together a list of the best eco and family festivals taking place across the UK and look at why a baby sling is a must have as well as giving you our top recommendations for the style of baby carrier to bring.

You might be a seasoned festival-goer who now has a family and are wondering how on earth you're going to push a buggy around a soggy field, or perhaps you already have the inside scoop that using baby slings and carriers at festivals is the key to keeping your little one safe, close and connected when so much is going on, but would like to consider which type of sling will work best.

Read on for our top reasons on why using a baby sling at a festival is the perfect choice as well as our top tips and best sling choices for festival goers.

If you're going to a festival with your children please do remember to ensure they wear ear defenders, this is also recommended for yourself. There are some really cool, fancy ear plugs out there for people attending festivals these days such as Loops, so why not treat you and your kids to good hearing all your life!

Why Use a Baby Sling at a Festival?

1. Allows Your Baby or Toddler to Feel Safe

Whilst festivals can be an amazing adventure for all the family, a time for new experiences as well as family bonding, they can also be overwhelming and exhausting, especially for the younger members of your family. Carrying your baby in a sling helps them to regulate their emotions and nervous system - they immediately feel secure and loved when cuddled into you and this is so important as a safe base from which to be able to explore the world.

2. Easy to Get Around

Most festivals take place in the countryside and let's face it, the British summer is not exactly reliable! Pulling a heavy buggy through a muddy field isn't exactly our favourite thing to do, You may also find that there are obstacles such as fences that don't make a pram so easy to use. So why not make it easy on yourself and use a sling, you are now free to go anywhere!

3. The Perfect Place for a Nap

Your baby is going to need lots of rest in this busy environment, ring slings, woven wraps and baby carriers are the perfect spot for the afternoon nap, where they are soothed by your heartbeat and movements. Many carriers have a hood that you can use to support your baby's head whilst they sleep or you can adjust your wrap or ring sling for support and shade.

4. You Can Relax

Keeping an eye on your toddler isn't easy at the best of times and big spaces with lots of people can multiply the problem. How can you enjoy your day if you're feeling stressed that you might loose your little one? Having them in a sling when possible can reduce this and give you both comfort.

5. Baby Wraps Make the Perfect Picnic Blankets!

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Don't want to have to carry around anything extra when you're on your feet for a lot of the day at a festival? Perfect, your baby wrap can also make a handy blanket for you all to rest on! A ring sling can also work for this but will be a little smaller. If you want you could also use your sling to make an impromptu shelter from the sun (or rain!).

Top Baby Slings & Carriers for Festival Goers

No.1 The Ring Sling

Our top choice for festivals for toddlers who will want up and down a lot through the day is a Ring Sling. They're going to be having a ball, running round, dancing and joining in all the crafts and then suddenly feel that they can't walk another step and just want to snuggle in with you. Ring slings are lightweight, very quick to use, and let's face it, the drapey fabric really goes well with festival chic! See the full range of Ring Slings.

No.2 The Baby Wrap

Our favourite for carrying your baby all day and being able to share with your partner and friends through the day. Baby wraps are so versatile, you can tie them in multiple ways to find the perfect comfort for all-day carries, including front, hip and back carries. They offer excellent support. Bonus - you can also use it as a picnic blanket. You can find our full range of beautiful ethical and organic baby wraps here. At Oscha we specialise in baby wraps, so if this is up your street, check out our range.

No.3 The Half Buckle Baby Carrier or Meh Dai

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We love these semi-structured baby carriers because they take the complexity out of using a sling yet they keep the wonderful feel of a snug baby wrap and are much more adjustable than a full buckle carrier. A half buckle will usually have a buckle at the waist and long tie straps that can also be spread out for support and a Meh Dai will have straps you tie off at the waist as well. These baby and toddler carriers will keep you comfy all day long and are pretty quick to use, perfect for front and back carries. Try the Oscha Cairis for a truly soft, beautiful carrier made in a unique way from natural and organic yarns.

No.4 The Full Buckle Baby Carrier

This is going to be your top choice if you have no desire to learn how to tighten woven baby sling fabric or you hate the thought of long straps and want something quick to use. If you're worried about tails dragging on the ground then this is the choice for you. We recommend the Tula carrier if you'd like a Full Buckle, you can also find Oscha fabrics in their Limited Edition range!

Looking for the Best Eco-Friendly & Family Friendly Festivals 2022 in the UK?

Here are our top recommendations:


Doune The Rabbit Hole (Cardross Estate, Stirlingshire, 14-17 July)

Festival at the Edge (Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster, 15-17 July)

Nozstock The Hidden Valley (Bromyard, Herefordshire, 21-24 July)

Standon Calling (Standon Lordship, Hertfordshire, 21-24July)

Camp Bestival (Lulworth Castle, Dorset, 28-1 July)

Deer Shed (Baldersby Park, North Yorkshire, 29-31 July)


Roots and Boots (shrewsbury, 6 August)

Green Man (Brecon Beacons, Wales, 18-21 August)

Barefoot Festival (Prestwald Hall, Leics, 12-15 August)

Just so Festival (rode Hall, Cheshire, 19-21 August 2022)

Towersey Festival (Claydon Estate, Buckinghamshire, 26-29 August)

Between The Trees (Merthyr Mawr, Nature Reserve, 26-28 August)

The Big Feastival (kingham, oxfordshire, 26-28 August)

Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Edinburgh, August 5-29) The largest arts festival in the world, artists and performers will take to hundreds of stages all over the city. The line-up includes theatre, comedy, dance, cabaret, kids shows, musicals and much more.


Into The Trees (Ashdown Forest, Sussex 9-11September)

Geronimo Festival (Arley Hall Cheshire 26-29 August)