Best Baby Slings For Weddings - For Brides, Grooms & Guests!

Best Baby Slings For Weddings - For Brides, Grooms & Guests!

Is the Big Day approaching and you are thinking about how to involve your baby in the wedding? Or are you attending a wedding and wondering which sling to use? Baby slings and baby carriers are perfect for weddings as they allow you to keep your little one safe, secure and comforted as well as feeling part of the day.

Many people love to involve their baby or toddler in the wedding ceremony and come up with fun and ingenious ideas for them as ring bearers or flower girls, but perhaps your little one is really too little or you worry how they will manage under the pressure of performing in front of a lot of people. Carrying them in a sling allows them to be part of the wedding ceremony, truly involved, yet also in a safe, comfortable space.

Rei Alta Baby Wrap (Worn by bride, Lucia)

A baby sling or carrier can also become an essential part of your outfit - it can complement your wedding dress and add a stunning accent to your bridesmaid dress or any outfit you're planning to wear to attend a wedding.

Looking for more reasons to use a sling on your wedding day, check out our blog on the top 5 reasons. Want to learn which type of sling will work best for you? Below are our favourite baby slings for carrying your baby during a wedding.

No.1 Woven Baby Wraps

The great thing about a well tied baby wrap is that your baby is truly snug and secure so you don't need to keep adjusting and can feel very comfortable for long periods of time. You can tie them in so many different ways - so you can pick a style that you find comfortable and a style that will suit your outfit, including picking from front, back and hip carriers as well as a myriad of beautiful Fancy Finishes.

No. 2 Ring Slings

We especially love ring slings for using as a guest attending a wedding. They look so stylish and don't cover up too much of your outfit. The long tail adds an elegant swish to your dress. They also have the benefit of allowing toddlers up and down as needed with ease. Usually you would sit your baby on your front or hip in a ring sling so they can be lovely for allowing your baby or toddler to interact with the other wedding guests.

No. 3 Half Buckle Baby Carriers

These are a great choice if you still want the elegant style of a baby wrap or ring sling but want something that feels very intuitive to use. They are also very comfortable for long carries so can be nice with a baby or toddler who will want a nap or you know will want to stay in the sling for a long time.

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No.4 Full Buckle Baby Carrier

This would be our last choice simply for the style! We love that wraps, ring slings and many half buckle carriers (especially our Cairis Baby & Toddler Carrier) are made almost entirely of beautiful wrap fabric, whereas a full buckle carrier tends to have a lot of webbing or plain fabrics. However, we wanted to include it because they are very accessible for a lot of people who may recognise them from the media and feel more at ease with buckles. They can be very comfy for long periods and are usually simple to use. If it will allow you to carry your baby during the wedding then go for it!

We always recommend a full buckle carrier that gives a proper ergonomic seat for optimal hip development such as the Ergo and Tula (you can also find a number of Tula carriers with our beautiful Oscha fabric on them!).

Most Popular Oscha Baby Slings for Weddings 2022

At Oscha you can find a range of stunning baby slings and carriers to complement your outfit and you can also pick unique fabric blends that will add a truly special touch such as silks or shimmery Tencel. Check out our Luxe Collection for limited edition unique blend slings. Perhaps you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings and want to have a themed wedding day, you can carry your baby or toddler in a Middle-earth-themed baby wrap.

Now you have the lowdown on the top baby slings and carriers for holding your baby during a wedding, please do share your pictures of the happy day with us, just like this one!

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