Calm in the Storm: How Babywearing Can Help You While Social Distancing

Calm in the Storm: How Babywearing Can Help You While Social Distancing

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Babywearing is a regular comfort to lots of us, in these new times of uncertainty, there are many more wonderful reasons why babywearing is becoming an everyday necessity!

The world seems to have turned upside down but while we can't be with you in person we wanted to share some of our tips that are helping us stay comfortable and calm at the moment.

1. Calming and Bonding

You might have experienced that sense of relaxation and relief when your little one is snuggled up against you, this is a physical reaction to the release of the hormone oxytocin in you both. When oxytocin is released it helps reduce anxiety and promotes bonding ... doesn't that sound great right about now?

With everyone about the house at the moment, baby slings are a great way to keep your smallest (or biggest when then need it) cuddled in close to you for a little reassurance and relaxation even when things are busy and overwhelming around you both.

Learn more about oxytocin here and discover more benefits of babywearing with Oscha.

2. Keeping Them Close

When you and your family are getting your much-needed exercise for the day, it's more important than ever that your little ones are kept close where you can keep an eye on them.

Using a carrier helps keep them close. In this difficult time, this means they won't be tempted to run off and play of the swing set in the park and are less likely to be touched on the cheek by a well-meaning passerby.

You'll feel confident they are safe and sound, snug against your body, meaning you can enjoy the fresh air without any anxiety.

Keep them close

3. Hands-free to Parent ... Educate ... Cook ... Whatever you Need!

Hands-free is a benefit of babywearing that we have been shouting loud from the rooftops since lockdown began. With more people than ever at home ALL THE TIME, you need every available hand to be keeping your busy household happy and contented.

Whatever you are doing during the day - a sling leaves you hands-free to keep everything in check while still attending to the emotional needs of your child.

Many parents are now homeschooling, with this comes the added pressure of how to care for kids who are not in formal education yet. Carrying allows you to keep your school-aged children occupied with work will little ones nap or just take in their surroundings ... you never know maybe they'll pick up some arithmetic too!

Oscha's founder, Zoe has been flexi-schooling for 2 years and has been sharing her advice in our new blog series.

Learn more benefits of using a carrier here.

4. Keeping Them Entertained

For those who are in lockdown or self-isolation - the struggle is real! Keeping small children entertained without access to outside spaces is difficult, so we thought we would share some of our favourite games which you can play with your wraps to help bring some light, laughter and entertainment to your day.

Wrap Dens and Forts

Try making a fort with your slings! They'll love the bright colours and maybe you can even make up a story about who lives in this brightly coloured palace.

The Best Fort!
Wrap River or Forest Path

My boys love to layout wraps, connect them together and walk along them, set up teddies, or play cars on them. A blue one becomes a river next to a green one that becomes the forest. We are so grateful for our little one's imagination.

Make Wrap Art!

Similar to above - use wraps to make art. In the UK there used to be a show called Art Attack where at the end they made a large scale picture using big pieces. Shape your wrap into something and let others guess what it is.

Games to support little ones' development:

We took some inspiration here from this link in case you'd like to read how they even help your little one's development too.

  • Peekaboo
  • Tug of War (Very Gently)
  • Watching wraps wonderful movement, waves, wiggling along a floor.

We'd love to hear your other ideas.

Finally a personal encouragement from Jess, our in house Baby Carrying Consultant:

"In times of anxiety, carrying your baby close really helps.
After just a few minutes, oxytocin is released in both of you, mum and baby, dad and baby, and even when parents themselves cuddle. You can tangibly feel babies relax, and you yourself breathe a sigh of relief. Stress hormones are lowered, and you can take a moment to enjoy your precious little one.
Right now we need to keep our families close and delight in them."

Jess, Close and Calm

Written by Jess Hippey:
Jess is an experienced Baby Carrying Consultant, and mum to two boys based in Aberdeen, Scotland.