When Can I Start Using a Baby Sling?

When Can I Start Using a Baby Sling?

Get advice on when you can begin your baby carrying journey and which sling to choose.

One of the wonderful things about woven wraps is that they can be used right from newborn and will last all the way through to toddlerhood and beyond. Plus, the benefits of being carried are truly wonderful from the very start.

You may have heard about the incredible benefits of babywearing?
You might immediately think of being hands-free and having lots of lovely cuddles. However, you might not realise that those cuddles and that closeness lead to incredible things such as easing pain, increasing bonding and even building a firm foundation for good mental health for your little one's future. Learn more about the benefits of skin to skin care and the amazing power of cuddles!

When can I start using a baby carrier?

All our baby slings and carriers, are suitable from birth for babies weighing 8lbs.

Got a teeny little baby? Good news, our slings can also be used with even smaller babies after seeking the advice of a healthcare professional. In fact, wraps and ring slings are perfect for supporting the low muscle tone of preemies while providing an easy way to practice kangaroo care and skin to skin care.

A very little one enjoying cuddles with his mum.

Wraps and ring slings are wonderfully mouldable and infinitely adjustable, making them ideal for supporting a newborn's delicate frame. You'll be able to get a perfect, snug fit as every inch can be perfectly adjusted around you and your little one.

Newborn babies are so special and delicate, and so need extra care and support. They need help to keep their head up, their airways open and their body supported – and woven wraps and ring slings are ideal for this.

Carrying your baby close helps them feel safe and secure, and it feels so familiar for them after being cosseted in the womb.

Dr Rosie Knowles of Carrying Matters explains why holding your baby close is so important

How do I choose a baby sling for a newborn?

When choosing a wrap for your newborn baby we recommend something lovely and soft in a pattern that you adore, because you'll make so many happy memories together.

You'll find great advice on choosing the perfect sling for a newborn here.

Baby carriers with a little more structure are also great for newborns. While they won't offer the same adjustability as a wrap or ring sling, carriers do offer a quicker carry and a little less adjustment when baby is in the carrier. For those looking for baby carriers suitable from newborns, you can find more information on our Cairis carriers here.

A newborn baby being carried in our Cairis carrier

The benefits of carrying begin right at the start and continue as your little one grows. It helps speech development, literacy, and even helps with their balance and vestibular system. Carrying really is a simple practice, yet one whose benefits and impact is felt even into their adult life.

Learn more about the wonderful benefits of babywearing

Written by Jess Hippey

Jess is an experienced Baby Carrying Consultant, and mum to two boys based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
For more info about the work that she does see: www.closeandcalm.co.uk

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