Oscha x Alex Elle: Rainbows Need Rain

Oscha x Alex Elle: Rainbows Need Rain

We are excited to reveal our collaboration withthe author, wellness consultant and podcaster Alexandra Elle. When Oscha and Alex connected through Instagram we were thrilled to hear her passion and love for her Sekai Amici ring sling. A creative journey followed, with Alex working with Oscha's designers to create a new colourway and pattern with a very special meaning.

Read on to learn more about Alex's vision and the story behind this collaboration.

Alex & Ila in Elle Rainbows Need Rain

Elle Rainbows Need Rain

Rainbows hold a very special place in my heart. I enjoyed seeing them prior to the loss I experienced, but now, they feel embedded in my body, serving as a reflection that beauty can emerge after dark and stormy days. They also symbolize anticipation, perseverance, and resilience in my life. Ila, my second daughter, blessed our family after pregnancy loss. After two and a half long years of trying to conceive and the journey through fertility support, we got our joy.

By definition, the phrase rainbow baby is used to describe when a child is birthed after a miscarriage, stillborn, or neonatal death. Prior to having a miscarriage, I don't think I knew the beautifully touching symbolism behind rainbows. When I found out how special their meaning was, I started collecting them. Our house is filled with small rainbows in the form of art, blankets, ceramics, and tapestries. They're sweet reminders of our journey to baby when times weren't so palatable. But also, they keep us grounded in the ability to move forward, no matter what we are facing in life.

Oscha x Alex Elle

Rainbows need rain; that is the biggest lesson I have learned over the past 3 years. Trying to conceive Ila was hard, at times devastating, and the struggle to expand our family made me and my husband feel defeated at times. We didn't feel in the clear until she was about a month old. It took us quite some time to relish in our victory, we had done it. The rain had moved by us and the rainbow showed her beautiful face.

In honor of Ila, of the baby we lost, and our journey to joy, I have collaborated with Oscha Slings for a very special offering. Together, from start to finish, we designed a custom ring sling carrier with a beautiful rainbow fade and a gorgeous newly developed pattern, which they have named Elle.

Alex's moodboard for this Oscha x Alex Elle sling

How I Discovered Oscha

When I was looking for baby accessories, I knew that I wanted timeless pieces. Things I could use with our future children and pass down to friends if they needed something that we could spare. Finding a carrier that was not only well-made but also beautiful was a challenge. It wasn't until I discovered Oscha (randomly on my Instagram explore page one night) that I realized, I could have what I was looking for in a carrier! I was immediately smitten by their wraps and slings, all of which were intimidatingly beautiful.

Ila loves being nestled in her Oscha, and I like how gorgeous it looks

Before splurging, I had to promise myself that I would actually use the sling and not be too afraid of getting it dirty or messy, that's how stunning each handcrafted carrier is. I am glad I chose to buy one. Ila loves being nestled in her Oscha, and I like how gorgeous it looks when I'm wearing it. It also can grow with her, which makes babywearing so much more accessible for us. Knowing that we now have our own special design with such an amazing company is an honor. Who knew that small family business in Scotland and a mama in the USA would join forces to create such a meaningful collaboration.

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