How does Oscha Made to Order work?

How does Oscha Made to Order work?

Here at Oscha we design our fabrics in-house. We carefully select colours, patterns and blends which we believe are perfect for carrying your baby.
Our Made to Order listings allow you to purchase any Oscha item, from baby carriers to scarves, bags to fabric pieces, from our unique woven fabrics.

When we release our fabrics on the site we will stock and list wraps and ring slings which will be available to ship out to you immediately. However, we will also open a Made to Order listing for one week in order to allow customers to purchase any other Oscha item from our responsibly sourced fabrics. This could be a Cairis carrier, a keyring, an Aliya bag, a wrap throw or a scarf.

Made to Order purchases are made up especially for you and are shipped around 2 weeks after the listing has closed.

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Our skilled seamstresses will then carefully craft your carrier or accessory especially for you. Some items are only available through Made to Order and will never be made for the site, this gives you the opportunity to purchase a unique Oscha which could be one of a kind!

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How often do you open Made to Order listings?

We will run one every time we have new fabric. This is usually once or twice a month, but may be more frequently depending on the season.

How long will it take for my item to be made?

Items will be ready to ship in around 2 weeks of the Made to Order listing closing.

Can I order more than one Made to Order item?

Yes! Simply add everything you would like to your basket and they will all be shipped together when they have been made.

Can I change my order?

If the Made to Order listing is still open then this is possible by emailing to request a change. Once the Made to Order is closed then it is not possible to amend orders.

How do I know what you will make for release on the site?

We will usually make and stock wraps and ring slings for the release, however other items are generally only available as Made to Order items. On occasion we may choose to restock carriers in our new fabrics, if you missed out during the Made to Order then please email and we might be able to let you know whether baby carriers have been planned.

Can I order ready-made items at the same time?

Yes, however, please be aware that your whole order will be held until your Made to Order item is ready. Please do not checkout with Pre-order and Made to Order items at the same time.

Can I make special requests for my item?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate special requests on these orders.

Can I return my Made to Order item?

Yes, Made to Order items are covered by our standard returns policy.

Any other questions? They might be answered by our T&Cs.

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Item Made to Order Ready-made on Site
Baby Wrap
Ring Sling
Cairis Carrier
Wrap Scarf**
Wrap Infinity Loops & Cowls**
Wrap throw**
0.5m fabric pieces**
1m fabric pieces
1.5m fabric pieces**

**These are exclusive to Made to Order and Preorder listings.