Staying Cool with Wool

Staying Cool with Wool

Wool is a great yarn for warmer weather! Seems strange, but it is true … the temperature regulating qualities of wool make it a good choice for keeping cool in warmer weather. Our model, Yun tells us how, even in the heat of a Hawaiian summer, wool can be an amazing choice.

"I love wool!! I had been resistant to even trying it since our temperate weather never gets colder than 60 º F (16 ºC) and gets up to the 90s (over 32 ºC) at times, but man was I missing out! Then I used Roses Nova for Jaxon's newborn phase and loved it even though we were experiencing one of the warmest summers in history here in Hawaii. There's really something special about a wrap that just conforms to your body, regulates both your temperatures and well….the softness and cush, especially for a newborn."

You can read more about the provenance of our wool yarns here.

Woollen fabrics have built-in climate control as the fibres are nonconductors of heat allowing the body to properly regulate its temperature. The scales on the surface of the fibre and its natural crimp make for little pockets of air that serve as an insulating barrier and give warmth. Amazingly, lightweight wool can also work for summer wear because of its thermostatic quality. Wool is, therefore, a natural insulator keeping us warm in winter whilst also being breathable to keep us cool in summer.

Yun says, "I enjoyed using Orion Aurora which is breathable, airy, and just perfect for our warm weather and could be worn year round even on humid days."

The original moisture wicking fibre. Wool can easily absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. This absorbency also helps temperature regulation. Wool absorbs perspiration thus it keeps a layer of dry air next to the skin which, in turn, helps to hold in body heat. The same principle makes wool suitable in hot weather as well. The body cools itself naturally with the evaporation of perspiration and wool helps by absorbing perspiration and keeping dry air next to the skin. This is why wool clothing is perfect for, and often worn in, deserts where it's hot during the day and cool at night.

"I find all the lambswool blends to be very supportive, even though they can come in many different weights - and its always good to remember the thicker the woolie the bigger the 'hug'!

I never had an opportunity to try brand-new lambswool blends so I can't speak on the 'prickle' of those but I can speak to how incredibly soft they become once broken in. A fully broken in woolie would now be as soft as any cashwool there is today!"

"It is always fun feeling the differences in texture, blends and weights. The prints can also make the wrapping qualities of a woolie a little different as some prints lend a little more grippiness to the fabric. Ultimately, I think there's a woolly wrap for everyone, whatever the weather and I hope people try wool blends as they have a tendency to become a firm favourite … because who doesn't love a BIG HUG?"

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