The Last Middle-earth™ Collection Wraps of 2017

The Last Middle-earth™ Collection Wraps of 2017

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Our gorgeous Elvish colourway brings the Middle-earth Collection to a close for now. We will return with new Mithril Collection wraps in the Autumn and with new warps and designs in the new year, but we end our 2017 additions with Galadriel & Evenstar Haven.

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Woven on a soft, strong organic combed cotton warp these wraps feature a delicate powder blue backdrop - perfect for showcasing our Elvish patterns Galadriel and Evenstar. We took inspiration for this colourway from the cool, dusty palate created by the designers of The Lord of The Rings films. This palate was an invaluable tool for bringing together our original designs with the rich lore found in the books for two wraps with a beautifully ethereal, Elvish feel.

Our Evenstar design represents the gem Arwen gifted to Frodo saying,

"When the memory of the fear and the darkness troubles you ... this will bring you aid."

Evenstar design on ring sling

When the Elves first awoke under the stars, before the sun and moon were created, they named themselves the Eldar - 'people of the stars'. So this shimmering star also represents Arwen Undómiel, 'the Evenstar of her people' - one of the last and greatest Elves to live in Middle-earth. Twilight was a time much loved time by the Elves, and Arwen Undómiel's name, meaning 'evening twilight star', signifies her beloved status among the Eldar.

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Galadriel is shown in an Art Nouveau style reflecting the many motifs used to signify the Elvish people through out the many depictions of these people.

Galadriel baby wrap

The Lady of Lothlórien is wise, noble and powerful, at one with her surroundings. The leaves of the Mallorn trees and the Elanor flowers flow into her elegant robes as she gazes into her Mirror:

"Things that were, and things that are, and things that yet may be."

With this Collection coming to a close for 2017 we wanted to bring together all of the Middle-earth Collection & Mithril slings released to date in one stunning gallery!

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