6 Reasons Carriers Are Great For Toddlers

6 Reasons Carriers Are Great For Toddlers

Our Toddler Carriers are perfectly suited for children from 2 to 5 years, and our wraps and ring slings can be used for this age too. While this may be thought of as the age at which children have typically mastered walking, for us, it's the age at which carrying enters a whole new realm - of adventuring together, averting upsets, and being a regular 'lifesaver'.

Here are six reasons why Toddler Carrying is our joyful solution!

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1. Little Legs Get Tired.

Those of you who love the outdoors will know that more often than not mountains and places of beauty are a fair walk from the nearest car park. With carrying there's no need to wait until they're older and can manage the entire walk, instead, families can venture together with a baby carrier, perhaps only needing it for the last half of the journey, but knowing it's there when you're little one gets tired.

2. Children Change Their Mind.

"I want to walk!" And so they do, for the first fifteen minutes, but once you've ventured just far enough for your starting point to be out of reach, they change their mind. With a wrap or carrier tucked away or clipped around your waist, their change of mind needn't upset your plans.

3. A Carrier Provides a Safe and Convenient Place to Nap


Sekai Aliona Baby Wrap

It surely can't be just us who've had a child fall asleep just as we pull into the shop's carpark? While a trolley seat cannot support a sleeping child (believe me, we've tried!) a sleepy transfer into a carrier means that you can both enjoy what you were planning on doing - shopping and sleeping - at the same time.

4. Allows You To Reconnect




Children at this age can be fiercely independent. Yet they usually want to return and seek reassurance and comfort following their latest adventure. Often seeking cuddles or wanting to be carried, a wrap or carrier can take the weight off your arms and allow you to both enjoy this moment of reconnecting.

5. Provides Safety at Big Events

I love going to the Bonfire Night and Fireworks Display in our City, in fact, we haven't missed one yet. With over 12,000 people attending, it's simply not safe or enjoyable for my boys to be anywhere except carried close to us. Not only does it lift them up and above the crowd, it enables them to see better, prevents them from getting lost, and allows them to tuck in if they're a bit overwhelmed.

6. Makes School Runs Easier

School runs are much easier when you're only having to keep eyes on one person, and so carrying a younger sibling can make the experience more enjoyable for all of you. Our personal favourite for this is a ring sling, as it's so quick and easy to pop on.

We'd love to hear how toddler carrying made a difference to your life! Get in touch on Clan Oscha with your experience of carrying toddlers.