The Cairis: Perfect for Tired Toddlers

The Cairis: Perfect for Tired Toddlers

The Toddler Cairis is an ideal and versatile carrier that helps make adventures together more relaxed.
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Being so lightweight the Toddle Cairis can be worn empty, clipped around your waist in anticipation, or compactly folded and stored, allowing you to easily plan for those 'unexpected' moments where little legs can't go any further.

Want to know more about Baby & Toddler Cairis features? Visit our information page here.

Bright and fun the Cairis is great for when little legs get tired - Shop now.

With the wrap straps providing additional comfort and support, both you and your little one can comfortably finish your walk together, as it moulds perfectly around you both. Great for kids as young as 2 years through to big kids of 5 years!

Mouldable straps make for a comfy carry with bigger kids.

It also allows you to reconnect after they've had their own independent adventure. Letting both of you see the world from the same viewpoint.

The Cairis is also available in a Baby size option, suitable for newborns right through to 2.5 years. You can find our available styles here.

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