Trees for Life, Oscha's Reforestation Promise

Trees for Life, Oscha's Reforestation Promise

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Your purchase helps us plant a tree!

Responsible production is at the heart of Oscha, we love our planet and want to keep it beautiful for generations to come. This is why we only use responsibly sourced and organic yarns, and why our beautiful baby carriers are woven in the UK and handcrafted in our solar powered Scottish workshop, all while producing zero waste.

Alongside our passion for ethical manufacturing, we were keen to support a charity which was actively seeking to repair the damage done to the earth by human habitation and industry. This is why we are supporting local charity, Trees for Life, in their work to 'reforest' the Scottish Highlands.

A contribution from the sale of each wrap, sling and carrier goes towards growing our own Oscha Grove in the Caledonian Forest.

Proud to be Carbon Neutral

Our Scottish workshop is powered entirely by solar panels, ensuring we have a fairly small carbon footprint. However, it is important to us that as a company we do all we can to offset our impact on the planet. With this in mind, we have worked with Trees for Life to calculate how many trees would be needed to plant this year to offset our carbon emissions. These trees have now been added to our Oscha Grove.

We are passionate about babywearing and the environment, by bringing those two passions together in our responsibly-made products we hope to make the world a better place for future generations.

What is Trees for Life?

Established in 1989, Trees for Life is a charity which is doing amazing work replanting and restoring the ancient Caledonian forest. We are proud to be supporting this return to nature and the effect it will have on our landscape and atmosphere. It's really important for us to be pro-actively involved in sustaining Scotland's forests and encouraging new growth in barren areas. We love our environment – it's beautiful and inspiring, and we want it to stay that way.

Trees for Life have three simple strategies to help rewild and restore the Caledonian forest. Through a combination of these three strategies, Trees of Life intends to re-establish areas, or 'islands', of healthy young forest scattered throughout the barren, deforested glens. As these new trees reach seed-bearing age they will form the nuclei for expanded natural regeneration in the surrounding area.

Natural regeneration

They are working to facilitate the natural regeneration of native trees, by fencing deer out of areas around the existing sections of forest. This allows seedlings to grow naturally to maturity again, without being over-grazed. This is the simplest and best method of regenerating the forest, as it involves the minimum of intervention and allows nature to do most of the work. However, this only works for locations where there is an existing seed source nearby, which is not the case in the treeless expanses which make up most of the Highlands today.

The enchanting Shire Westfarthing Cairis Carrier - follow this link to take a closer look.

Removing non-native species

They are also undertaking important work removing non-native trees, which in some areas have been planted as a commercial crop amongst the old trees of the Caledonian Forest remnants, preventing their regeneration.

Planting native trees


In situations where natural regeneration cannot occur, Trees for Life are working to plant native trees in barren areas where the forest has disappeared.

This where you come in! By purchasing Oscha slings you are helping us to donate native seedlings to our own Oscha Grove. Through the planting of hundreds of trees we are all doing our bit to help to reforest the Highlands, providing clean air not only for Scotland but for the whole world.

You can keep on eye on how many trees we have planted using our tree counter in the banner above!