Why Have a Sling Stash?

Why Have a Sling Stash?


Perhaps you've seen pictures of Oscha customers with stacks of wraps and slings and wonder why they would do that. Here we'll explore why it can be helpful to have a few slings, why that's ok and speak to our customers who love to collect and create their Oscha stash.

We are passionate about sustainable shopping and want to talk about how you can get that new wrap you've had your eye on, whilst still taking the time to purchase with thought and consideration. What's most important, is you pick a wrap you love, as we want you to get as much wear from each one as possible!

So why would you want more than one? Read on to discover some of the benefits of having more than one wrap or sling.

Amanda's colourful collection!

One of the great things about our slings is their durability. With so many beautiful designs and fabrics to choose from, it isn't easy to choose just one! This is why we have a whole community of other babywearing mama's ready to buy, sell and trade their slings.

This is one of the best ways to refresh your collection without the waste. And you can have fun seeking out special limited designs, whilst trading tips and making friends with likeminded parents in the community.

Join the community here!

Image courtesy of West Yorkshire Sling Library

Tandem Wearing

If you have more than one little squish you might decide it's time to invest in a second sling. Tandem wearing isn't just for twins. You don't need to use more than one sling to tandem wear, but it can be useful to have two slings if you have children of different ages or if you have one that might like ups and downs more than the other.

Check out our blog on how you can tandem wear with your little ones here.

Get Crafty & Repurpose!

Maybe you're ready for something new, or your baby has outgrown their carrier and you're looking for something different. Now, what do you do with your old sling? There are so many things you can do with your Oscha fabric so you don't need to worry about waste.

There can be such beautiful memories connected with your sling that often it can become a beautiful heirloom piece, which is why so many people craft with them. We have seen our customers create some gorgeous items with their repurposed Oscha, from blankets and throws to cushions, bags and toys to name a few. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Check out our Pinterest board for some fun craft ideas and inspiration here.

Clan member, Den, talks about her collection: "Every wrap has its special history. I love every wrap."

Christine shared her beautiful DIY Oscha inspired craft room.

Pam of Tenshi Treasures specialises in custom handcrafted soft toys in eco-friendly materials to be treasured forever.

Different Wrap Sizes For New Carries

It is so fun to get creative with your carries, it is almost like you are getting a new wrap with each new finish. Having wraps in a few different sizes can allow you to experiment with all the different types of carries out there.

Long wraps are great for fancy finishes where you need a little more fabric for the carry, whereas if you are using your wrap out and about a short wrap carry might be more suitable, without any tails hanging down. We have a YouTube channel which can help with tutorials on how to do these different finishes. As long as you ensure you do your safety checks then you can really enjoy experimenting with creative ways to babywear.

Clan member, Amanda, explains: "I have a variety of blends, which range from easy care (100% OCC, OCC and tencel blend) to hand wash only (blends with wool or wild silk). I also have a variety of sizes for different carries and a Cairis & Nook Evolve for when we go hiking. Each of the fabrics I enjoy for different reasons (my hemp blend is a perfect shorty, my wool blend has amazing support with the perfect amount of cush). My daughter has her preferences as well, and some have stayed because of the memories we have attached to them."

Chloe loves the classic design of Matrix and how it shows off the lovely gradient

Slings To Suit The Season

Some people like to have different wraps for the changing seasons and to explore the benefits of different fabric qualities. Some of our wraps are blended to be light for summer with a lower GSM and may be woven with breathable linen. Our winter wraps are heavier and snuggly, woven with organic combed cotton and cosy wool. Whether you like different blends for the changing seasons, or maybe you just like a bit of variety, there are many fabric compositions to enjoy choosing from to best fit your wrapping needs.

Clan member, Amy, explains: "My collection was chosen based on the colours and pattern but are all different blends. I have an easy care, a couple of wool and a silk."

Clan member, Richters, explains: "The reason why I love to collect Oscha wraps, ring slings and accessories is because it's fun to try the different combinations between pattern and blend. Sometimes I like more grip than glide or need more cush on the shoulders than other days. The different patterns have different wearing properties. The most comfy and one of my favourite designs is Sekai. It's easy to wrap with and has a bit of glide. And surely, the wrap has to match my clothes (or is it the other way around now)."

Left: Okinami Haar Baby Wrap - Shop Here, Right: Lothlórien Under the Boughs Baby Wrap - Shop Here

It's All About The Design!

We are passionate about design and know a lot of you are too. One of the main reasons to get another wrap is that you just love the designs. You might like to get different designs for different occasions, or maybe you and your partner like different styles. Some design enthusiasts like to have a range of patterns and colours, whereas others like to collect all the colourways in one pattern.

Clan member, Trish, explains: "I pretty much bought according to the colour and pattern I liked in whichever size was available and have just made them work for different carries."

Rumanthi's gorgeous Oscha collection

Clan member, Christine, explains: "Multiple wraps means lots of choice! Different lengths mean we can do different carries, different colours reflect the mood I am in/what clothes I'm wearing, and different blends mean I can opt for thinner/thicker/bandagey/cushier/cooler/warmer wraps, depending on how I'm feeling/weather/circumstances. And when I find a wrap I really, really love, I'm not opposed to having multiples in different sizes in my stash!"

Christine's beautiful Oscha stash

Newborn vs Toddler Slings

One of the great things about our wraps and ring slings is that they can be adjusted as your baby grows, so they do not grow out of them quickly. However, you might see that some of our slings are more suitable for toddlers when they are made with thicker fabric.

Shop the best wraps for toddlers here.

Having a ring sling can be excellent for quick ups and downs as you don't need to retie it each time, whereas a wrap might be more suitable for your little one if they like to be close for longer periods of time. Some of our wraps are softer and better for newborns and are buttery soft straight out the bag so it can sometimes be a good idea to upgrade your wrap to suit your child's needs as they grow.

Shop the best wraps for newborns here.

Sekai Aliona Baby Wrap - Shop Here

You Deserve To Feel Good

Having something that makes YOU feel beautiful whilst also connecting with your little one is a really special thing. Having a community of other babywearing parents who are passionate about design (as well as the benefits for your baby) can be really supportive when everything tends to be focused on looking after your little one. Getting a wrap that you just love and makes you feel good is all the reason you need to treat yourself to your dream sling.

Victoriana Hunter Baby Wrap - Shop Now

As an ethical company, we want you to know that you can have multiple slings without the guilt. It is okay to buy more than one sling as it is practical, you can re-use it and even sell them on. Sustainability is always very important to us and this is why we offer our made to order service, sell woven seconds and sell scrap packs online, so not a single bit of fabric goes to waste.

No matter how many slings you have, we always encourage considered buying and hope that now you might have some more ideas about how you can use, repurpose or trade your old wrap or sling.

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