Toddler Carrier - Oscha Toddler Cairis

Toddler Carrier - Oscha Toddler Cairis

The Oscha Toddler Carrier is specially designed to carry your bigger children. Suitable from approximately 2 - 5 years the Cairis will be comfortable for toddlers in front and back carries through to pre-school age.
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Children still want and need to be carried after they learn to walk, so having a comfortable ergonomic baby carrier that allows you to carry toddlers and preschoolers makes this so much more comfortable than carrying in arms in a piggyback or on your shoulders. Carrying on your back is easy and comfortable using the Toddler Cairis as a 'baby back pack'. Learn the key features and why the Toddler Cairis is the best toddler baby carrier.
shire westfarthing baby cairis carrier in a back carry

The special features of the Toddler Cairis include:

  • Padded waistband that goes all the way around your middle for increased lumber support, which adds structure to the carrier yet adapts to the wearer.
  • Straps flare to giving a wider area for support for bigger children
  • Leg padding for your the child's comfort
  • Seat darts provide a contoured shape for child's comfort and easy positioning
  • Specially woven luxury jacquard woven fabric in unique hand drawn patterns
  • Handmade in Scotland

The Toddler Cairis contains some of our most successful features from the Baby carrier, which we have had great feedback on from our customers; such as our unique Strata-linea Waistband. This provides elegance & comfort by preventing webbing digging into your waist, as well as giving support.

blue toddler carrier in a front carry

Rei Harbour Cairis Carrier in a front carry

The Cairis includes Oscha 'Flare' straps; padded shoulder straps that fan out. This provides cushioning over your shoulders but allows you to spread the fabric out under your toddler to increase support of the carrier in front or back carries. You can also leave the straps bunched up and the extra fabric offers cushioning for your child's comfort. The Cairis has a curved headrest as well as a detachable hood for use as needed, it is simple to attach and adjust.

The Toddler Cairis Carrier also offers style & comfort through simplicity. We carefully considered how to streamline them to allow the beauty of the woven fabric to come through and to offer a carrier that is simple and light-weight.

As with all Oscha baby carriers the Toddler Cariris is hand crafted in our small Scottish workshop near Edinburgh from our specially British woven jacquard sling fabric, truly the best baby carriers on the market for beauty, comfort and support.

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Specific Dimensions:
- to top of curved headrest - 19"
- with headrest folded down - 17"
(Height measurements do not include waistband area)
- body panel - 18.5"
- waist - adjustable from 27" to 55"
- Length - 220cm
-Width -padded section - 8cm/3", flared section - 33cm/13"

- to top of curved headrest - 46cm/18"
- with headrest folded down - 41cm/16"
(Height measurements do not include waistband area)
- body panel - 36.5cm/14.5" (panel width can be reduced with Cynch for new born +)
- waist - adjustable from 66cm/26" to 122cm/48"
- Length - 208cm/82"
- Width - padded section - 8cm/3", flared section - 18cm/7.5".

Individually crafted in Scotland from the finest Oscha woven sling fabrics, by our highly skilled and trusted seamstresses, the Cairis is beautifully tailored, elegant and easy to use. They have both been safety tested to BS EN 13209-2:2005 & ASTM:F2236-14.