Travelling with Kids: Which sling to use in the heat?

Travelling with Kids: Which sling to use in the heat?

Find out which types of slings are best for travelling with babies and children and for using in the heat.
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"What are the best slings for the heat?" - This is a question we get asked all the time as the weather begins to warm up for summer. Comfy carrying in the summer heat comes down to three choices: type of carrier, the fabric and the type of carry you use. Read on for our guide to choosing the right Oscha Sling for you & your little one this summer.

Choosing a carrier

Baby wraps and ring slings are popular choices for summertime carrying as they offer complete adjustability, allowing you and your little one to be comfortable together in the heat. Our Cairis Carrier is also a good option for summer carrying as the unique, lightweight design allows for natural airflow and all the comfort for a traditional woven sling.

Why choose a ring sling:

A ring sling is a great choice as it offers a comfy single layer carry while covering less of your body and allowing air to circulate. The long tail can also be used to cover little legs from the sun.
Supernova Cosmic is a perfect supportive, summer ring sling, featuring hemp's breathability along with organic combed cotton which offers a little extra support, making this a comfy & cool sling right through to toddlerhood.

Why choose a wrap:

The versatility of wraps really makes them a winner for the summer carrying - with a wide variety of carries possible, you'll be sure to find one that suits your needs. Single layer back carries or a reinforced hip carry will allow the air through keeping you both cool this summer.
You can also use your wrap to cover delicate skin and even as a picnic blanket for impromptu beach visits!

Why choose a Cairis:

A Cairis is a good choice being lightweight and with lots of space to let the air circulate, this is a customer favourite for bigger kids or for longer trips in hot weather.

Choosing the right fabric

Choosing a summer fabric comes down to two factors: the choice of yarns & the gsm, or weight of the fabric. This is not as important with our Cairis carriers as more natural airflow is allowed by the unique design, however, you may still wish to consider the fabric and gsm when choosing a summer carrier.
Many different fabrics can be good for carrying in the heat; you can read about their wonderful summertime qualities in our Quick Guide to Summer Fabrics.

When choosing a summer weight sling, the second factor to be considered it the gsm. We would suggest something between 180 and 260gsm - a fabric with a lower gsm will be cooler if you are carrying in extreme heat.

For bigger kids you might want to choose a sling with a lower gsm if you are using multi-layer carries, however, you might also consider using a wrap with a higher gsm for single layer carries particularly if you child wants to be up and down a lot. A higher gsm fabric will also provide more 'cush' for your shoulders.

For little ones a lower gsm fabric may be preferable for single layer carries, but a higher gsm will still provide a little extra 'cush'.

Choosing the right carry

Choosing the right carry with a wrap or ring sling is important when carrying in the heat in order to make sure you and your little one are always comfy. Some favourite simple front carries in the heat include the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) with un-spread cross passes (meaning a single layer is across baby) and the kangaroo carry.

Travelling with Kids this summer?

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