Choosing the Best Baby Sling for Hot Weather Babywearing

When choosing a baby carrier for the summer and hot weather there are a few simple things to consider. This guide will help you choose between different sling types and fabrics as well giving you lots of top tips for carrying in the heat.

Top Tips for Carrying in the Sun

- Use a sun hat with UV protection
- Use suncream suitable for your little one's age
- Use a parasol or umbrella to provide shade
- Don’t forget a muslin or tails of your sling can be used to cover little legs
- Remember little ones need less clothing when using a sling, this is especially important in hot weather
- Don’t forget to increase both of your fluids when it is warm!

Top Tip: You could opt to dress your child in only a nappy and sunhat, but it will probably be more comfortable for you both if you aren’t skin to skin for long periods in the heat. One of you can wear a layer of soft, breathable, natural fabric or, alternatively, you could place a muslin in between you both.

Babywearing is great for knowing how your baby is coping with heat on a hot day as you’re constantly in tune with their fluctuating temperatures, breathing rates and alertness – if you’re too hot and struggling then it is likely your baby is too.

Which Type of Sling to Choose?

Woven Baby Wraps

Verstile and mouldable, you can find a carrying option that you will find both comfy and airy for the summer (more on carries below).

Single layer carries are a great choice as well as options that allow the air to pass through.

Thicker wraps in single layers could be used for bigger kids for more cush on your shoulders.

Learn more about Woven Wraps

Which Fabric to Choose?

Choose breathable fabrics to help keep you both cool -

Linen - breathable and cooling
Ice Cotton - cotton that has been spun to feel cool to touch
100% Cotton & hemp - breathable, easy-care
Bamboo & Tencel - moisture-wicking, cool

Choosing a Carry

If you are using a woven baby wrap then the type of carry in hot weather can be important in keeping you both comfy and cool. It is useful to remember that each layer of wrap fabric over your little one is equivalent to a layer of clothing.

Single Layer Carries

This means there is only one layer of fabric over your little one, and these are great as they can avoid overheating. A Front Wrap Cross Carry with un-spread cross passes and the Kangaroo Carry are good choices for hot weather. Ruck Tied in Front is a good option for a back carry.

Hip Carries

Hip carries can be lovely and cool as there is less body contact and fewer layers of fabric wrapped around you. Using a shortie wrap (a size 2, 3 or 4) for a Slip Knot Carry can be a great choice in hot weather.

Multi-layer Carries

These are carries with more than one layer of fabric over your child. Multi-layer carrier offer more support for bigger kids. If using multiple layers then it is important to choose a breathable fabric and a suitable GSM, and you might consider removing an item of clothing for your little one if it is very hot.

Poppable Front Cross Carry is a good multi-layer option as it is easy to pre-tie, avoids putting too much pressure on bare legs and is open on the sides allowing air to circulate.

You can check out our YouTube Channel for a full range of wrap tutorials.