See ‘Size Chart’ link above for all product dimensions.

Baby Wraps – Oscha baby wraps are a length of woven fabric specially designed to allow you to comfortably carry your child from newborn through to toddlerhood. Baby wraps can be tied in a variety of ways making them perfect for carrying children of all ages. Learn More

Ring Slings – Elegant and quick to use these are perfect for short trips and for children who like to be up and down often. The sling is secured on the shoulder through a set of safety tested rings. Learn More

XL Ring Sling - These are a longer version of the ring sling with a gathered shoulder that can be used for multiple pass carries or if you know that you need the extra length. These are a specialist product, opt for the standard ring sling size if you are in any doubt.

Cairis Carrier - The Cairis is a simply to use and stylish buckle waist, tie strap carrier made with our beautiful jacquard sling fabric. It is ergonomic and has unique elements designed for comfort and optimal positioning of your baby. Learn More

Not sure which carrier to choose? Compare our baby carriers

Aliya Bag* - Our signature bag with an adjustable strap that will work as a nappy bag, shoulder or cross body. Comfy and practical, it has a large main section, perfect for everything from snacks to keys, with a handy smaller pocket to keep your phone and purse close to hand.

It features a British-made decorative brass disk that was designed in-house with the Oscha logo and is based on traditional kilt brooches.

Pinatex®, a plant-based vegan leather alternative made from pineapple leaf fibres, is used for the straps and base of the bag. Sustainably sourced and ethically made, this natural fabric has a low environmental impact.

These bags feature Oscha's jacquard fabric and are lined with 100% cotton fabric.

Shawls - Our shawls can be used as an extra wide scarf or as an elegant evening and wedding wear. These are made from the wrap fabric. Shop all

Wrap Fabric Scarves* - These scarves are made from the wrap fabric and come unfringed.

Wrap Fabric Infinity Loops* - These can be worn long or with a twist making them a great alternative to our scarves. Items marked ‘Precis’ are half-width. Only available as a Preorder or Made to Order item.

Wrap Fabric Cowls* - These are worn without any twists and will fall beautifully around your neck. Items marked ‘Precis’ are half-width. See size guide for dimensions. Only available as a Preorder or Made to Order item.

Wrap Throw* - Made from the wrap fabric, these are different from the specially woven throws you will see on our site. If the fabric pattern includes a gradation, the throw will have a join in the middle.

Fabric Pieces - 1.5m, 1m or 0.5m pieces of fabric, note multiple orders will be sent as separate lengths. Shop all 

Jacquard Keyrings - Our handy keyrings can be looped around your wrist and features a piece of beautiful Oscha jacquard fabric. Shop All

Storage Baskets - Handy for keeping your home organised as well as adding a lovely feature. Made with jacquard woven outer and smooth cotton lining. Choose between the small and large sizes or double up for all your storage needs.

*Please note that all items listed here are made from Wrap material, this means for some items such as throws and scarves they may be different in texture from other items you have seen listed on our site.

**Starred items are only available as a Preorder or Made to Order item.

This is a natural product with an organic scent, no chemical agents are used in the manufacture of the item or its packaging.