Baby Wrap – Comes in sizes 2-9. Please refer to our size guide for help with choosing the right size. Learn more about baby wraps  

Ring Sling – Comes in two shoulder styles: Highland Pleat and Gathered. ‘Left or right shoulder’ refers to the position of the rings on your shoulder, your baby will sit on the opposite hip. Approx 1.90m - 2.00m long x 70cm wide  Learn more about ring slings and shoulder sides/styles

Long Ring Sling - 2.3m long x approx 70cm wide, gathered shoulder.

XL Ring Sling - gathered shoulder style, tapered edge, approx 3m when measured along long edge (intended for use as a wrap with a ring finish).

Cairis Carrier - Comes in 3 sizes: Baby is suitable from 0-30 months (7-45lbs). Toddler is suitable from 2-5 years (25-45lbs). Preschool is suitable from around 4-6 years. Waist - 27"/ 69cm - 54/137cm Learn more

XL Cairis Carrier - Shoulder straps 102"/260cm (Baby), 106"/270cm (Toddler & Preschool). Waist 27"/69cm - 60"/152cm.

Coorie Carrier - Comes in 3 sizes - Baby (Suitable from (3-30 months, 7-45lbs). Toddler - Suitable from (2-5 years, 25-45lbs), Preschool (from around 4-6 years, weight tested to 45lbs)
Body panel - 16″/41cm (baby) x 17″/43cm. 18.5″/49.5cm wide x 17″/43cm tall (toddler), 20″/51cm wide x 20″/51cm tall (Preschool
Waistband up to 54″/137cm XL - up to 60"/152cm
Shoulder straps 83″/210cm (baby), 87″/220cm (toddler & Preschool), 106"/270cm (XL)

Learn more about the Coorie

Nook Carrier - Comes in 2 sizes - Encompass (baby to toddler - 0-2.5 years) and Evolve (toddler to preschool 2-6 years).
Body PanelEncompass - 17" / 43 cm high x 20cm -16.5" / 42cm wide. Evolve - 30cm - 21" / 53.5cm high x 28cm - 20" / 51cm
Waistband68.5cm/27" - 137cm/54". If you'd like a waist extender for your carrier you can simply email us ( and we can create an invoice for you for all the items together. 

Learn about the Nook Baby & Toddler Carrier

Aliya Bag - Depth 31cm, Width (at base) 36cm, Strap Length adjustable from 63-102cm. The Aliya bag mock up image is just a guide for pattern placement and the final product may be adjusted so more or less of the pattern is visible. See in-stock Aliya bags

Jacquard Tote Bag - 42.5cm high x 39.5cm wide See in-stock Jacquard Tote Bags

Scarves, Infinity Loops and Cowls - All Preorder and Made to Order scarves cowls and infinity loops are made from wrap fabric unless otherwise specified.

  • Scarves - approx. 213cm x 35cm.
  • Cowls - 70cm in width and 82cm is used to form a loop.
  • Infinity loops - 70cm in width and 150cm is used to form a long loop.

Items marked ‘Precis’ are half wrap-width loops or cowls meaning you choose the top or bottom half of the pattern where applicable.

  • Infinity Loops Precis - approx. 35cm in width and 150cm is used to form a long loop.
  • Cowl Precis - approx. 35cm in width and 82cm is used to form a loop. 

Shawl - 212cm x 70cm.

Wrap Throw - 200cm x approx 132cm. 

Fabric Pieces - 1.5m, 1m or 0.5m x Full Wrap Width. 

Keyring - 17cm x 3.5cm.    

Storage Baskets

  • Large: diameter - 27cm, height - 26cm with the lip turned down to approx. 7.5cm. Total height with no turn down is approx.33cm. 
  • Small: diameter - 17cm, height - 17cm with the lip turned down to approx 5cm. Total height with no turn down is 21cm